Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

The story so far …



I TOOK THE BIG PLUNGE. Sold my house, all my stuff (yes, all of it!), quit my job and took back my life!

As I travel the USA in my RV, in search of dog friendly adventures, I have rediscovered how beautiful this country really is! I hope you enjoy these photos of some of our country’s big, landmark sights as well as some smaller and more local areas. Use the photos and information to plan your own trips or just reconnect with the beauty this nation affords us. Take the time to appreciate how lucky we are to be surrounded by such beauty, then get out there, see it for yourself and BRING THE DOG!

All the adventures are dog friendly and require little to no fees! My girls come with me everyday and are always well received! Enjoy the beauty of the country in the company of your best friends! Please remember to be respectful and clean up after your pet so these places remain dog friendly! Enjoy!!!!!