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Traveling is more fun when you bring the dogs along
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Hello!!!! A gorgeous, sunny, 75 degree day without a single mosquito to be found! (Maybe my skin has reached its final Deet saturation level). To celebrate, we take a trip to Minnehaha Falls Park, and again, right in the greater Minneapolis area! Incredible! At 53′, these falls are a top stop for many folks visiting… Read the story

Hi Everyone, Once you submit to the clothes-soaking humidity and the futility of defeating the 1000’s of mosquitos, Minneapolis is still a very cool place! A break from the downpours, we shower ourselves in bug spray and set out for the day… The city of Minneapolis has this extremely cool area called The Grand Rounds… Read the story

Hi Everyone! Well, Minneapolis sure knows how to put on one hell of a thunderstorm!! WOW! Starting about 3am, it was like the 4th of July a la Mother Nature! The downpours continued all day 😟. Finally, for a few hours, the thunder and rain stopped so it was safe for a quick venture out… Read the story

Hi Everybody! What started out as a lazy day watching a movie about a journey to see Roadside Attractions, it inspired us to get out a see a few ourselves! The “Fundamentals of Caring” was a another great Nexflix original worth watching, just FYI. Hermann the German! Hermann was a great Chieftain who fought and… Read the story

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having a fine Labor Day weekend! Today we ventured out to one of Minnesota’s most popular and oldest state parks, Minneopa State Park! (Yes…mini-Opa!) Minneopa translated from the Dakota Language means “water falling twice”! This park has a rich and interesting history! While the park was established in 1905… Read the story

Hello Everyone! Mountain Lake sounded like a nice little place to visit so we ladies ventured out bright and early! Lawcon Park promised 5+ miles of walking trails and a variety of fruits trees surrounding a lake. While a nice park, the lake was, um, more of a pond and I never did find the… Read the story

Hello! Yes, the title is correct….The Iowa Great Lakes!!! Sounds crazy, I know….first, yes we are camping in Minnesota and yes, Iowa has more than corn fields!!! Just 22 miles south of our campground is the lake region of Iowa! Who knew??? This lake region is comprised of 3 large lakes and many small ones… Read the story

Hello Everyone! A local and productive day. Still working on my blog (that no one is reading…yet) but up to day with photos and posts finally! When we don’t have decent internet, it is really hard to upload all the photos. Anyway….. We ladies ran into to the town of Windom today. With 4,500+ folks… Read the story

Hello Everyone! Here we are at Kilen Woods State Park! A beautiful little park that we will call home for the next week! We a are rather remote and upon arrival discovered no dump station unless you go 13 miles into town. A test for our rationing. They have water available but not on site… Read the story

Hi Everybody! So, Palisades State Park might be South Dakota’s 2nd smallest park but what it lack in size it makes up for in beauty! It is our final day in SD and it is nice to spend our day in another of the state’s gorgeous natural areas! These Sioux Quartzite rocks are over a… Read the story