Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Devil’s Tower National Monument! Incredible!!!! Put in on your Bucket List!

Hello Everyone! Well….This is for sure a bucket list item and Devil’s Tower lived up to its awe inspiring reputation! On the drive in, the tower can be seen for over 30 miles! About 50 million years ago, magma was forced from the ground into surrounding rock that then eroded over millions of years and… Read the story

A Day Trip To Bighorn National Forest! An Incredible Wyoming Surprise!

Hello Everyone!! Wyoming has been tempting us with this jewel of nature for days! Worth the wait as Bighorn National Forest and the scenic highways 14 & 14A are well worth the trip! Bighorn National Forest is an incredibly diverse landscape! Rocky, grassy, high and low elevations…there is something new to see around every twist… Read the story

Keyhole State Park, Moorcroft, Wyoming! Sure beats Camping at Walmart!

Hi Everyone! We decided to press on through to our next location since our spot was open! Worth the extra 40 miles to skip Walmart and come to this lovely state park! Thrilled, as always, to be back camping in nature! Another reservoir that allows for boating and fishing! And a little dog swimming….of course… Read the story

Just when we thought Wyoming was all Prairie…We find Lake De Smet and the Real Wild West!

Hello! I have to admit that I am losing track of time pretty regularly these days. It’s a really strange sensation. I know longer have any natural sense of what day of the week it is or how long it has been since we visited any specific place. I mention this, only for the fact… Read the story

One for them, One for me! Morad Park VS Hell’s Half Acre

Hi! For a little town, Casper, Wyoming kept us quite busy today! Started out the day at Morad Park, just up the street from the campground. Morad Park has 38 blissful off-leash acres and swimming in the North Platte! A nice paved trail to stretch our legs…….in this part of the park, since it’s off… Read the story

Fort Caspar in Casper, Wyoming! History and a Campground!

Hello! Recovered! Thank goodness! A short, windy drive north and we land in Casper, Wyoming! First, a little comment about the wind in Wyoming…it’s nuts! While Wyoming is famous for it’s wind, it is something to be experienced!! Mostly, there is always a breeze but our of nowhere the wind goes from mild to tornado-ish… Read the story

Wild, Weird and Wonderful Wyoming!!!

HI! What a wonderful way to start off in Wyoming! First, it’s windy and 70! Can I get a hallelujah?? We cannot find camping because it is Frontier Days (one of the biggest rodeo celebrations in the country by the way) here in Cheyenne. Just a few miles out of town, we find dry camping… Read the story