Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Overnight Pit Stop in Yakima, Washington offers a Very Big Wish!

Hello from Yakima, Washington! Driving over the mountains and through the national forests, all of the sudden…BAM! Desert! So crazy! It’s like a totally different place than anything we have seen so far in WA! Check in out! Where are all the pine and spruce trees???? Arid, dry heat and prairie like atmosphere!! Bald, scruffy… Read the story

The Ferry to Bainbridge Island! Seattle’s incredible ferry system!

Hello Everyone! Washington State is famous for its ferry system and as of June 1st it is 65 years old! It is considered part of the state highway system and has 20 terminals and 10 routes servicing all over Puget Sound! With 22 vessels, it is the largest ferry system in the US (4th in… Read the story

All about town…Seattle, other than the Space Needle and coffee!

Hello! A quality day seeing the sights of Seattle today! First Stop! Fremont Troll! A great neighbor hood and this 18ft troll!! This area was heavily populated with Scandinavian folk back in the day and stories of trolls are rich in their history and have remained an common theme in the Fremont district even today… Read the story

Dog Day Afternoon! A tour of the Seattle area dog parks! Best way to wait for a flight!

Hello! So, we ladies, in anticipation of Shane’s return, decided to hit up all the off leash dog parks we could find on the way to the airport. I have to say, Washington has the best ones, hands down! **forgive the bizarre purple haze on today’s photos. My new cleaning kit came with 3 lens… Read the story

Seattle’s Pikes Place Market love dogs! Magnuson Park @ Sandy Point helps them cool off after a day of shopping!

Hi! I have wanted to go to Pikes Place Market for a very long time and honestly, it did not disappoint even one fraction!!! A huge tourist attraction (the #1 in Seattle and #33 in the country) I was worried it would be filled with cheap, nasty curios but low and behold, I was thrilled… Read the story

Everyone loves Kites and Dogs at Pacific Beach, Washington!

Hello! When we woke up, the sky was blue and the sun was up! Too nice a day to leave and wanted to have our last coastal experience (for a while) to end on a high note, so we just stayed. The perks of RV life! Up the coast to Pacific Beach/Seabrook area and we… Read the story

Welcome to Seattle, The Emerald City! A tour of the obvious attractions!

Hello Everyone! Well, well, well, where to begin! What a great city! Did you know Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest? Population in the 600,000 in the city proper and 3.7 million in the surrounding area! (Ok, so that is just Brooklyn in NYC standards but impressive none the less!). We are… Read the story

Griffiths-Priday State Park and a Sea Gooseberriess in our own back yard!

Hello and Happy Holiday Weekend! Our first journey today was to Griffiths-Priday State park! 300+ acres with trees, a fresh water River and ocean shoreline. Lovely! Fresh water River that runs right into the ocean…only about 100 yards to the left. Two totally different surroundings…sea grasses and bushes, trees and shrubs give way to long… Read the story

Fort Wolden, Port Townsend, Washington-History in the Northern Coastal region is a dog delight!

Hello! Completing our journey up to the tip of US 101, we arrive here, in Port Townsend! Here the Hood Canal, Puget Sound and the Pacific collide around many, many islands just to the southeast of Victoria, British Columbia and Vancouver Island. On the drive up, to the left is the Olymic National Park and… Read the story