Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Moab, Utah’s Dog-Amazing Outdoor Adventure in the Controversially Named Negro Bill Canyon!

Hello All! Our last day in Utah was fantastic!!! What a away to end our tour of this incredible state! We stayed overnight in Moab in an adorable, bright orange Eco cabin thanks to the dog loving people at Kokopelli 100 West! Got up bright and early to take one of the best hikes on… Read the story

Arches National Park!!! Sandstone Giants and Proof Mother Nature is One Hell of an Artist!

Hello Everyone!!!! A big day! For me, another bucket list item…Arches National Park! 100 million years of water, ice, erosion and violent weather coupled with underground salt bed movement is clear evidence that Mother Nature is a remarkable artist! The Organ! I fell in love instantly and while the arches are featured, I thought this… Read the story

Thompson Spring, Utah and The Sego Canyon Petroglyphs! A History in Rock Art for the Visual Learner!

Hi Everyone! Another random roadside RV park treasure! Surprises like this one really validate my dislike for RV resort parks. Granted, Ballard RV Park is pretty much “no frills” but the owner has really made an investment and given it is the only gig in “town” (population 39)…his future and this park have a nice… Read the story

Random Roadside RV Parks are like a box of chocolates….

Hi! …You never know what your gonna get! Here we are at the Butch Cassidy RV Park, in Salina, Utah. A quick stop over as we head east. I love these stops, there is always something to interesting to see! Like a tree growing out of a tractor tire! OR a fellow RV’er with a… Read the story

Bustling Beaver, Utah and Minersville Lake State Park-best water ever and dogs agree!

Hello! Lazy and local today after an incredible 2 days! We ladies did manage a visit out to Minersville Lake State Park…cool, clean water, a perfect way to relax and cool off. Actually, Beaver was voted #1 for worlds best tasting water in 2010!…Perhaps there should be a fact check here but a fun detail… Read the story

Why Bryce Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list!!!

Hello All, I am picture drunk! Seriously, I took sooooo many photos at Bryce Canyon National Park that the editing process has left me virtually blind!! In one word…Spectacular!!!!! In the same massive forest as Cedar Breaks, we enter the Red Canyon, only to get a sample for what is yet to come…..I am jittery… Read the story

Exploring Cedar Breaks National Monument! Everyone can be Dora the Explorer!

Hello Everyone!!!! Welcome to Cedar Breaks National Monument, one of Southern Utah’s amazing sights! Incredible!!!! Mormon Pioneers mistook the native Engelmann Spruce for Cedars and “breaks” denotes and uninhabitable area with jagged edges and ravines!!! However, the name came about the views are incredible!!! These shots are taken from the Chessmen Ridge overlook…we are 10… Read the story

Utah Lake State Park and the mayonnaise dilemma!

Hi Everyone, A visit to Utah Lake State Park is a fine way to kick off the holiday weekend! The largest fresh water lake in Utah, it is dog friendly and a sportsman’s paradise! There is a lagoon toward the front and a break in the jetty for lake access, but in my opinion, the… Read the story

Bridal Veil Falls and Sundance-a balance between nature and hype!

Hello! A lovely and overcast day here in Utah! A good day for a nice nature hike in the Provo Canyon area! This area is quite susceptible to avalanches in the winter time! (No, thanks!) So, a nice summertime adventure is a better plan! Bridal Veil Fall is a double cataract, 607 ft tall waterfall… Read the story

Everyone in a Park City, Utah is High! 10,000 ft up, baby!

Hello! We ladies had a lovely day in Park City! What a charming and fun little town! Only about 7,000 people actually live here but over half a million people visit each year. Amazing skiing, shopping, restaurants, alpine slides, spas, top-notch resorts and of course, the Sundance Film Festival are just a handful of the… Read the story