Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Farewell Bend State Park! Last Stop on the Oregon Trail and a Desert Paradise!

Brownlee reservoir, great fishing, salmon, desert paradise

Hello! Another big drive and we are just a few miles from Idaho! Our last stop in Oregon was too nice to pass up. Farewell State Park right on the Snake River! This area was the last stop on the Oregon Trail by the Snake River where early settlers could rest, water and graze their… Read the story

Underground Pendleton, Oregon! A Main Street above and below ground!

Hi! ***One of the few NON pet friendly adventures but still so cool, it’s worth mentioning! Went underground today! So, Pendleton, has an old, rich 18th & 19th century history and one of them being that they have 2 downtowns…one on the street and one below the street! Due to extreme climates and later prohibition… Read the story

How to make a Pendleton Blanket! History, Creativity, Beauty and Craftsmanship since 1909! A Yarn Geek rejoices!

Hi! Yes, I am still at yarn geek! I cannot help it after so many years. Anyway, Pendleton Woolen Mills circa 1909 is famous for their blankets and I have been a fan for a long time. Not only are they know for their history, but the quality and design of these items have made… Read the story

Oregon has a desert too! Pendleton’s Wild Horse Casino and RV park for an easy, fun filled stop!

Hi! Another crazy day of driving in the desert (still cannot believe it!) and we land here in Pendleton! A slightly different adventure for us as we are camping at the Wild Horse Casino and Resort! Here on the Confederate Tribes of Umatilla and Walla Walla Indian Reservation, they have just about everything you could… Read the story

Oregon Coast-INCREDIBLE! Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park are Not to be Missed by Dogs or People!

Hi! Headed south on 101 about 15 miles and found two beautiful places. Here we are at Cannon Beach, famous for this Haystack Rock! Haystack Rock is a looming force at 235ft! It is low tied now, so you can walk right out to her. From this distance, you can see someone getting married (white… Read the story