Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Hey Ho Idaho! A treat to be found in Burley, Idaho! Sometimes the best plan is no plan!

Hello Everyone! To make up for the lack of potatoes, although we did finally see a few fields and potato signs on the windy drive in today, Idaho had one more treat in store for us. Burley, Idaho!!! What a treat! Hepburn Riverside RV park is quite a surprise considering we just stopped here for… Read the story

A Hole in the Ground! Idaho is full of surprises but no potatoes!

Hi! Still no potato farms and we drove deep into farm country Idaho today! I am beginning to think this whole potato thing is a myth! Hot like Hades today but we wanted to check out one last thing before we head towards Utah. We ladies, walked about 2 miles to Box Canyon…there she is… Read the story

Shoshone Falls & Perrine Bridge a Father’s Day Treat in Twin Falls, Idaho

Hello Everyone! Happy Father’s Day! Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing day! We ventured out to see more waterfalls and gorges. Idaho is really aiming to please and who on earth knew! Best kept secret in the US if you ask us! Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls….WOW! Called the Niagara of the West… Read the story

Our Own Private Idaho! Beauty without the trouble!

Hi! Idaho finally stepped up its game!!! No, not the world’s largest potato exhibit (still waiting, though) but beauty, well done! Thousand Springs State Park is actually 5 parks in the Hagerman Valley! We journeyed out to 2 of them today! Here we are on Ritter’s Island. These water falls are bursting from the canyon… Read the story