Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Could we really go to Colorado and not see Denver???

Hello Everyone! Due to our camping reservation struggles, as you know, many of the Denver area sights and towns were a solid 30-40 miles south of us. Our first attempt, didn’t quite land us in Denver proper but with stubbornness in our corner, we made it there today! Confluence Park in the Lower Downtown area… Read the story

Beauty on Branches! The Birdss of St. Vrain State Park!

Hi Everyone! A very productive day at home. Enjoyed a very welcomed, overcast, cooler day! Sat outside to work most of the day and just enjoyed our surroundings. We saw a few bass jumping in the lake and several very cool and large birds! I mentioned this before but St. Vrain is home to one… Read the story

Feeling My Namesake Today…….A True Heidi in the Mountains Experience!

Hi Everyone!! Today’s adventure was jaunt to Eldorado Canyon State Park in Eldorado Springs, Colorado. Gorgeous views, hiking and a favorite among the rock climbing sect! It is easy to see why rock climbers love this area! We ladies prefer to keep our feet and paws on something a bit more sturdy! Still a magnificent… Read the story

A Lazy, Local and Stange Day at St. Vrain!

Hi! Back at St. Vrain State Park with little to report. After a busy day yesterday, the family needed some down time. Then a huge storm rolled in and hovered for a long time. It was hard to tell if it was coming or going and we ladies started, stopped, started, stopped the evening walk… Read the story

Will The Real Colorado, Please Stand Up?

Hi! The morning was a bit of a challenge. The Walmart says “no campers” even though we see some that have clearly been there overnight. BUT Boulder Fairgrounds is our savior and we find a place to park for the night! Whew! With that settled, we travel up Route 119 into the mountains to beat… Read the story

Taking it all off in Denver!! A Long Over Due Haircut and a Dog Swimming!

Hello Everyone, Another bizarre day here in Colorado. We changed spots in the campground and then, well nothing really. We just weren’t feeling it today. Pearl has been a little under the weather again and with the heat, I guess we just deflated. So, I decided to get a haircut. A long, long overdue haircut… Read the story

A Visit to Coot Lake and The Boulder Reservoir for an Evening Stroll!

Hi Everyone, Another “off day” here in the much anticipated state of Colorado! I am not sure if it’s me or Colorado but I feel as though we have hit an adventure “wall” of sorts! Still, everything is new so we move forward bright eyed and hopeful! A local dog parent told me about this… Read the story

Denver, Colorado! One Mile High Park at a Time!

Hello Everyone, Today was the big adventure into downtown…or so I thought!! In my research, I chose Washington Park as our first stop. Denver’s largest city park filled with off leash dog areas. We are ready!! Here we are but where is downtown??? About 5 miles back north. Hmmmm…I thought this would be in the… Read the story

If there is a Dog Beach Paradise, Union Reservoir in Longmont, Colorado might just be it!

Hello Everyone! Well, well, well, talk about the Dog Days of Summer and you might have something like this in mind….Union Reservoir! A nice city park with an incredible off leash dog beach! Behold! 736 acres of clear, gorgeous water for all to enjoy!! One of the few naturally made fresh water lakes in Colorado… Read the story

The Missing Mountains of Colorado! St. Vrain State Park, Longmont is filled with Gorgeous Grasslands but Where Do You Ski?

Hi! Doesn’t everyone from the northeast think Colorado is supposed to be covered in mountains??? I certainly did….Rockies and Skiing, what else is there supposed to be?? The Mile High City, I think mountains! I am severely misinformed!!! A 50 mile drive, just north of Denver, we are in Longmont, Colorado at St. Vrain State… Read the story