Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


Northern California Coastline Never Fails to Disappoint…Moonstone Beach in Trinadad is No Exception!

Hello! Well, Moonstone Beach (spectacular name) is a dream! At low tide you can walk for miles on soft, white sandy beaches. Gentle waves, plenty of birds, driftwood, sand dollars and crabs too! Best yet, totally off leash and dog friendly! A treat! We all needed to stretch our legs and other of us needed… Read the story

Not all Trees are the Same! Famous Trees, Citizen Trees, Big and Small, a Tree for All!

Hello! Trees, Trees and more very large Trees! Today we hit up of the more famous sites. Yes, these spots have older and bigger trees but there are sooo many big, old trees it’s hard to keep track. This is the infamous “Drive Thru Tree”. We thought walking was a better option but yes, you… Read the story

Three Girls and a Tasting Room! Mutt Lynch Winery loves Dogs and We love Mutt Lynch! Healdsburg, Sonoma, California

Hi! Mutt Lynch Vineyards has a tasting room in the adorable town of Healdsburg, here in the Sonoma Valley. While originally, we thought we were going to an actual winery, we ended up here and were pleasantly surprised! Mutt Lynch’s Winery’s motto “Apply dog logic to life: Eat Well, Be Loved, Get Pet, Sleep A… Read the story

A 17 Mile Day in Monterey, California! The Best Ocean View Tour $10 Can Buy!

Hello! World famous 17 mile drive around the peninsula of Pebble Beach! A winding decent from Del Monte Forest, by magnificent golf courses, to the jade coastline! For $10, You are given a map and descriptions of the 21 vistas along the route. I filled in a few down below for your viewing pleasure. Stick… Read the story

Carmel By The Sea! People and Dogs rejoice! A beach town paradise for all!

Hello! The best part of this trip= I am continually amazed by the beauty that surrounds us in this country! “Ok, I could live here and be ok if I died in an Earthquake.”-Shane Andarowski. Behold, Carmel by the Sea. Part of the Monterey Peninsula, loaded with an adorable little downtown shopping district (who cares… Read the story

Morro Bay, California, as Close to Utopia as you’ll ever get!

Hi! We ladies had quite an adventure today. So we took a long, off leash walk, up the coast. Glorious! An off leash wonderland! How does everyone not want to live here! So incredibly beautiful, quaint, and down right adorable! It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think today’s pictures… Read the story

Goleta Butterfly Grove! Butterflies and Snowy Plovers have the Best Untouched Real Estate in Central California!

Hi! What a wonderful surprise of a day! We girls hit up the butterfly grove and what a treat it turned out to be. So many surprises on this trip and this one will be right toward to top. First you enter this “grove”. One of the largest monarch butterfly groves in the country. Now… Read the story

Vasquez Rocks, Santa Clarita: Beam me up Scotty! A Star Trek set in nature

Hello! Vasquez Rocks, Santa Clarita!  These famous rock formations date back about 25 million years and later exposed due to activity on the San Andreas Fault! Named for famed bandit Tiburcio Vasquez (1873-74) who evaded the law by hiding here. BUT these are really Hollywood Starlets! Featured in TV and Movies such as Rin Tin… Read the story