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Exploring St. Louis’s Oldest Neighborhood…Soulard District and Lafayette Park!

Our last day in St. Louis and with still so much to do, some will just have to wait for next time. We are still just a little slow from all this excitement but we decide to take a nice walking tour of some of the city’s oldest and most historic area.

Soulard Neighborhood, St. Louis photoThe Soulard area is like a mini New Orleans! Wild! Who knew?? Named for Antoine Soulard a refugee from the French Revolution in the 1790’s, he was the father of development in this area!

Soulard Neighborhood, St. Louis photoThe houses are just amazing. I would move to this neighborhood is a second! Filled with awesome shops, coffee houses, restaurants, and jazz/blues bars! Also, the St.Louis branch of the Anheuser-Busch Brewery is located in the southern portion of this area! (A tour that will have to wait for our next visit).

Soulard Neighborhood, St. Louis photoVery dog friendly too! I love these streets! Adorable! There’s even a Mardi Gras here, the 2nd largest in the country (No Kidding) Two weeks before is Krewe of Barkus which is a parade that features people and costumed pets and the festivities continue with wiener dog races! Hilarious!

Farmers market, Soulard Neighborhood, St. Louis photoSoulard Farmers Market is the oldest farmers market west of the Mississippi (??). Lots of beautiful flowers and exceptional produce found on either side of the aisle!

Lafayette Park, St. Louis photoIn keeping with the old French history theme of the day, our next stop is Lafayette Square!
First, know that city of St. Louis was named for Louis IX of France and the city was founded by French fur trappers back in 1764 so all this Frenchness is coming together….

Lafayette Park, St. Louis photoFamous for its French row houses and beautiful Victoria homes this area has had a history of destruction and rebirth for centuries!

Lafayette Park, St. Louis photoThere is a random but very style appropriate couch in the park. I have no clue why but I love this photo!!!

Lafayette Park, St. Louis photo
The homes that surround this area are incredible! Kudos to those that have been able to restore them to their former beauty!

Lafayette Park, St. Louis photoIt was Squirrel-o-Rama in the park too! The girls were in total freak out mode and while no off leash allowed, just the excitement of seeing so many was enough to wear them out! (Me too).
Thank you St. Louis! Leaving us wanting more….

Traveling back into Illinois tomorrow…stay tuned!


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