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The Great Gateway Arch and all the Photos of it you Can Handle!

Hi Everyone!
I doubt very much you will get though any day of our visit here in St. Louis without at least one photo of the magnificent arch. I have to say, I am a little bit in love. I really cannot stop looking at it…I do love large, silver, shiny things and this Arch is like overload.
I was not going to pass up the opportunity to go to the top either…the girls will just have to deal, as clearly, this is not a dog friendly adventure.

St. Louis Gateway Arch photoOMG!!! 630 ft of stainless steel incredible-ness!! I think I gravitate toward this architectural masterpiece because it looks like a giant piece of silver jewelry! I do love the silver jewelry!!!!!

St. Louis Gateway Arch photoThe world’s tallest Arch and tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere! I am in love!!!

St. Louis Gateway Arch photo
The perfect blue skies of the day just make these photos even better to showcase the pride and joy of St. Louis! Construction began in 1963 and was completed in 1965 at the cost of a mere 13 million bucks! The Arch is a beacon of the western expansion and the spirit of the pioneer all wrapped up in a timeless design!!!

Elevator St. Louis Gateway Arch photoA most unexpected ride to the top takes place in these little “pod” like elevators. There are 7-10 (I could not see exactly how many) doors that open and up to 5 travelers enter each “pod” for the accent to the top…WILD!!! I am pretty sure they act like and escalator and stack one on top of the other as they rise to they top. Needless to say, you get to know your fellow traveler!

St. Louis Gateway Arch photoExit the “pod” and the sign on the right welcomes you to the top….it’s a little Star Trek-like!!!

Eastern View St. Louis Gateway Arch photoLittle square windows on either side provide fantastic views!!! This is the Eastern view across the Mighty Mississippi! To the left I can see my family and our home!!!

Western View St. Louis Gateway Arch photoThe western side affords fantastic city views! Straight ahead is the Old Courthouse. Underneath the monument you can see the city is hard at work renovating what will be the Jefferson National Expansion Park! This park is located very near the staring point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition point and pays homage to their incredible western journey!!!

Busch Stadium St. Louis Gateway Arch photoBusch Stadium, home of the Cardinals! We have tickets in hand for tomorrow nights game!

St. Louis Gateway Arch photoThis is great…at the crest of the arch are the scenic viewing windows. You can see them on both sides of the Arch here. When I was walking back to the car, looking up I could tell when there is someone in the windows and not…so cool and really amazing!!

St. Louis Gateway Arch photoLOVE!

St. Louis Gateway Arch photo
This is actually from last night but what an opportunity to take a photo of this treasured National Landmark! How could anyone resist??

Tomorrow’s focus is to exhaust the girls so they don’t protest too much when we go to the game….stay tuned!!!


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