Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Have Parks, Will Travel. The Parks of Springfield, Illinois!

Hi Everyone!
So, shut out at the Lincoln Memorial Gardens. No dogs allowed. Strange since Abe was such a dog guy. It’s ok, no shortage of other Lincoln Land items to explore tomorrow.
Today, the still sweltering weather calls for dog swimming so we head out, one park at a time….

Sanchris State park, Springfield, Illinois photoFirst stop Sanchris State Park! More of an anglers paradise than a dog paradise but a nice, large clean lake with campgrounds and tons of boat access points.

Sanchris State park, Springfield, Illinois photo
Water, water everywhere! On a hot day like today, we are in and out and in and out! Tons of fish too…you can seen them right off the dock. Seems you could just put in a net and scoop ’em up rather than waste time with the whole hook and bait exercise.

Sanchris State park, Springfield, Illinois photoUnfortunately, no real dog access so we settle for the boat ramps. It’s ok, we’re not picky.

Springfield Lake, Springfield, Illinois photoNext stop is Springfield Lake! Actually, a reservoir circa 1931. No shortage of fish, anglers or boats here either. Adding sailboats to the mix, coupled with some pretty fancy homes, plus parks galore (this one is North Park I think) and you get a pretty fantastic area!

Springfield Lake, Springfield, Illinois photoHere we are at Center Park…ready, set, go!!!!!

Springfield Lake, Springfield, Illinois photo

These seagulls apparently know something we humans do not. All these birds are on a beach in an fenced area. Bird Beach??? It was rather puzzling but they seem happy so who are we to judge…

Springfield Lake, Springfield, Illinois photoSailboat action!

Springfield Lake, Springfield, Illinois photoWith the Power plant in the background and this lake is reminiscent of Lake Norman in Charlotte.

Marine Point Park, Springfield, Illinois photoFinal stop Marine Point Park…nice view! We met some dog friends who enjoy swimming and “mystery splash” like we do. (basically throwing rocks, for dogs to chase, in the water, in various directions).
When we first arrived there was this whole family (5-6 souls) and they were all looking at their phones…it took a while to figure out that they were all playing Pokemon Go…at first we were sad but I suppose an activity a family does together is a good one. Then we looked a bit further and there were 8 or so more folks doing the same thing! We were astounded (and ignorant of all things Pokemon GO). The other dog folk told me this park was always empty until Pokemon arrived (apparently they are drawn to water)…too bad. BUT on the positive side, no one cared that the dogs were off leash and having a blast! Weird.

Cooling off and thrilled tomorrow, stay tuned….


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