Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Winona, Wisconsin offers Dog Friendly Adventures at Lake Park and Garvin Heights Overlook…and squirrels too!

Hello Everyone!

Stayed close to home today and it was no problem since there is plenty to see! Low humidity and in the 70’s (I know you’re jealous) it was a perfect day to explore the beauty of Winona.

Lake Park, Winona, Minnesota photo Lake Park is smack in the middle of town! There is the Eastern and Western portion, both with a paved walk/bike trail, however, only the western side is dog friendly. (Weird, but ok…)

Sugar Loaf at Lake Park, Winona, Minnesota photoNice views to be found in either direction. To the right is the “Sugar Loaf” rock formation. At 1,214 ft elevation, it stands as a beacon for the town. This pinnacle was formed by 19th century quarrying in the area (limestone to make the sidewalks in town) and is 85 ft tall in its own right. It is one of Minnesota’s more famous landmarks for tourists and travelers both past and present.

Lake Park, Winona, Minnesota photoOn the dog friendly side of the lake, still picturesque and very green! We are seeing signs of fall coming…I love this photo of the transition of blooms both old, new and in between!

Lake Park, Winona, Minnesota photoWhat day would be complete without a sampling of the local waters….

Garvin Heights Overlook, Winona, MinnesotaNext stop, Garvin Heights Overlook!!!! From way up here, you can certainly understand the draw of this adorable little island town….We are lucky for such a clear day and the view goes for miles!

Lake Park view from Garvin Heights Overlook, Winona, MinnesotaThe Lake Park is just head and the Mighty Miss surrounds the town…pretty cool!

Garvin Heights Overlook, Winona, MinnesotaThere is a neighborhood up here and I will guess these views are the coveted real estate of the area!

Dog in Car, Garvin Heights Overlook, Winona, MinnesotaBack in the car, we hydrate and think it might be time for lunch back home with Dad. What a cutie!

Downtown Winona waterfront, Minnesota photoWe did take a mini tour of downtown which is quite charming! Town photos really never come out so great so we hopped over to the river front for a quick stroll and this photo of the Tugboat and the Grain haulers from the still active grain factories that work right on the river!

Tomorrow, Wisconsin! Any place where people refer to themselves as “cheese heads” cannot be bad, right??? Stay tuned….



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