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A day of history at Fort Snelling and the fabulous Airport Dog Park, Minneapolis

Hi Everyone!
Well if you have to wait for a flight to arrive, this is the place to do it. I am continually amazed that all these beautiful adventures can be done inside the Minneapolis city limits, and, conveniently for us, right next to the airport!

Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

Fort Snelling State Park circa 1819 (originally Fort Saint Anthony until completion) was one of several forts built between Lake Michigan and the Missouri River to guard against British and Canadian territory disputes.

American Flag at Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

The skies were picture perfect today and I was feeling a little nostalgic seeing our proud flag taking the wind so well…

Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

Colonel Josiah Snelling, and fort name sake, commanded the 5th infantry and his troop of men constructed the fort while stationed near by. Typically, Northwestern outposts like this one, were commissioned to keep peace between local tribes, attempt to keep waterways open to US citizens only and keep Indian lands free of white settlers until governments ruled otherwise.

However, Fort Snelling served several other purposes over time. In the Civil War, as an orientation station, the fort was also the place where the start of the first on going recordings of meteorological events began, and even in WWll as a Japanese language training school for US troops.

St. Paul skyline from Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

A across the Mississippi we can see St. Paul!!!

Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

In 1960 the fort became a National Historic Landmark and restoration began to preserve the post and honor it’s role as one of the first major military facilities in the region.

Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers from Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

Tons of nature trails surround Pike Island in this very large state park. Here you can see both the Minnesota and the Mississippi Rivers as they collide, leaving the girls with a swimming dilemma….which River to swim in???

Native American burial ground tribute from Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

There is sad and dark part of this history in this park. An Indian concentration camp housed some 1600 Dakota women, children and elderly after The 1862 Uprising (the tribes fighting the government against starvation and removal from their native lands) and 300 souls died due to lack of food and overall poor treatment. There is a long and very emotional history to this uprising that continued and eventually removed all Dakota from Minnesota.
When we arrived here, we could see several people praying and reflecting in the woods with their gaze toward these prayer clothes. During our tour of the park, we learned the nature of this place and payed homage and we passed again toward the end of the day.

Snelling Lake Fort Snelling State Park, Minneapolis photo

Several more of the 10,000 lakes are housed here as well!!!

Airport Dog Park, off leash dogs, Minneapolis photo

Finally, we are getting close to “the arrival”….

Airport Dog Park, off leash dogs, Minneapolis photo

What a place to wait….The Airport Dog Park!!! Bravo Minneapolis….good idea to use the lands near the Airport for a large, off leash, free for all!!! Sure beats circling the airport in a car!
The Eagle has landed and we are happy to be all together again!

One final adventure tomorrow before we bid farewell to Minneapolis….stay tuned….


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