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A Day Trip To Bighorn National Forest! An Incredible Wyoming Surprise!

Hello Everyone!!
Wyoming has been tempting us with this jewel of nature for days! Worth the wait as Bighorn National Forest and the scenic highways 14 & 14A are well worth the trip!

Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming photoBighorn National Forest is an incredibly diverse landscape! Rocky, grassy, high and low elevations…there is something new to see around every twist and turn of the highway!

Bighorn National Forest photoWe drove about 60 miles in and then took a romp in these grassy meadows! Somewhere in the distance I swear you could almost hear Julie Andrews singing! HaHa!
The girls are happy to be stretching their legs. I love the mix of colors this landscape provides.

Bighorn National Forest photoSuch and unusual place…pines and spruce giving way to grasslands! This National Forest was established in 1897 and is one of the oldest protected areas in the US! It’s easy to see WY! (Wyoming humor!)

Bighorn National Forest photoMost of the forest is above 5000 ft elevation with peaks as high as 13,000 that are only accessible by horse or hike!

Bighorn National Forest photoThis is my favorite shot of the day!

Bighorn National Forest photoThis photo is taken from a vista spot on the return toward Sheridan. A glimpse of the scenic highway and diversity of the landscape!

Sibley Lake Bighorn National Forest photoThis is Sibley Lake, one of many lakes in this area!

Bighorn National Forest photoWOW!!!

Bighorn National Forest photoDense forest really does cover a great deal of the area as seen here! In the distance is low lying prairie we have come to know so well here!

View toward Sheridan Bighorn National Forest photoThat is some view from 8400 ft up!!!!!

A day of travel redemption for us! Gorgeous and worth the wait. Wyoming is full of surprises!

Travel day tomorrow as we near our conclusion of Wyoming. Likely a stay at the Walmart Resort and Spa…stay tuned….



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