Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Just when we thought Wyoming was all Prairie…We find Lake De Smet and the Real Wild West!

I have to admit that I am losing track of time pretty regularly these days. It’s a really strange sensation. I know longer have any natural sense of what day of the week it is or how long it has been since we visited any specific place. I mention this, only for the fact, that it feels like ages since we have seen water but it has only been about a week.

Today we stumbled upon Lake DeSmet! What a secret beauty!

Lake De Smet Buffalo Wyoming photoHow can a place like this be empty??? Well, it’s Thursday and it’s in the middle of nowhere…so that’s why. Who cares!! We love this place!!! Gorgeous!

Lake De Smet photo

The red, shale like rock against the pristine, clear, blue water and the yellow of the surrounding prairie is like mother nature’s own color wheel!
Interestingly, this basin was formed by a coal seam fire. A huge coal deposit sat under this area and at some point caught fire either by man or nature. When the burn finished, the earth sank to fill its missing mineral. Coal Seam Fires can burn for years, are toxic and nearly impossible to put out! Beauty from Mayhem!

Lake DeSmet photoThis is no surprise! From the car, straight in!!! No one in sight so we are in off-leash bliss.

Lake DeSmet photo Wyoming

Actually, there are no signs and very little on the Internet to tell anyone about this place or if dogs off-leash is ok. But we did eventually see another family with kids and dogs and no one was on a leash so figured it was all good!

Lake DeSmet Wyoming photoMagnificent!!!
Hi!!!! Why would you leave the water to go up there??? Do I have to come too??

Lake DeSmet Wyoming photoOk, not so bad!!!

Lake DeSmet Wyoming photoAll the colors of the rainbow!!!! Wow!!! What a find!!

Bighorn Mountain Wyoming photoOn the drive back you get a great view of the Big Horn Mountains!!! Still snow up there, believe it or not!

Occidental Hotel Buffalo Wyoming photoA quick trip into downtown historic Buffalo and home of Wyoming’s oldest hotel, the Occidental Hotel! Many notorious guests have stayed here such as Butch Cassidy, Calamity Jane, Buffalo Bill, Tom Horn, Teddy Roosevelt and even Ernest Hemingway!!! It is also know as the place with “The Virginian”, in the book by Owen Wister, at this hotel, “got his man”. I hear that the hotel, saloon and restaurant and so meticulously restored that even the bullet holes are authentic!

Downtown HIstoric Buffalo Wyoming photoA real throw back in time! We have seen our share of “historic downtowns” on this trip but this little sliver really feels like you could see a shoot out in the streets and bandits riding in on horseback!! Well done, Buffalo!

To be continued..


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