Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

One for them, One for me! Morad Park VS Hell’s Half Acre

For a little town, Casper, Wyoming kept us quite busy today!
Started out the day at Morad Park, just up the street from the campground. Morad Park has 38 blissful off-leash acres and swimming in the North Platte!

Morad Park Casper, Wyoming

A nice paved trail to stretch our legs…….in this part of the park, since it’s off leash, bicycles actually have to yield to dogs! How refreshing! (I have a festering hatred of bicycle people that started with everyone thinking they are preparing for the Tour de France and now, that bikes have the right of way before pedestrians and cars but simultaneously not having to obey any of the traffic laws….sorry, momentary soap box)

Morad Park Casper Wyoming photo

In her glory!!! Lots of water action these days…and a very happy Pearl!

Hell's Half Acre photo

While it is dog-friendly, I spared the girls the 40 mile trip to Hell’s Half Acre. The name was too intriguing for me to resist. I did read that the area is now fenced off due to snake issues so, perhaps not the best place for the girls anyway. (But are snakes really impeded by chain link??)

Hell's half acre. Photo

Anyway, here I am…shooting through the chain link fence. Hell’s Half Acre is 300+ acres of Utah like rock formations.

Hell's half acre photo

The 40 mile drive from Casper is nothing but desolate prairie and rolling mountains….so when you reach this rugged, harsh hole in the ground, it is quite a surprise!

Hells Half Acre photo

Hell’s Half Acre does have a Hollywood connection….the 1997 movie, Starship Troopers, used this area to create the planet Klendthu whose inhabitants were giant, violent, war-like bugs! Amazingly, I have not seen this movie but will be looking for it this evening.

Hells half Acre photo

And Ghosts!!
Stories claim a beautiful Native American women roams about to protect the land and that 10,000+ Buffalo spirits now freely inhabit the area after suffering horrible deaths falling from the cliffs and finally, strange dark shadows appearing from the various caves have led many to believe that this unusual place is more than just geology!

Morad Park Casper WY photo

Back home and in penance for my solo outing, the girls request an encore of Morad Park…I am a slave to their whims….BUT did catch a glimpse of this happy family! Thankfully, on the other side of the river and therefore undisturbed by our evening stroll.

A short clip north tomorrow….stay tuned.


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