Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Could we really go to Colorado and not see Denver???

Hello Everyone!
Due to our camping reservation struggles, as you know, many of the Denver area sights and towns were a solid 30-40 miles south of us. Our first attempt, didn’t quite land us in Denver proper but with stubbornness in our corner, we made it there today!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoConfluence Park in the Lower Downtown area of Denver turned out to be quite a surprise! Offering up a taste of the city and some great natural surroundings it is an urban park like no other I have seen!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoThis park, and name, come from the confluence of the Cherry Creek and South Platte River! Pretty awesome considering it is right in the city!!! This area (LoDo) has been booming since the 80’s and those warehouses on the left are now, apparently, filled with shops, restaurants and loft-like apartments!!!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoLots of locals cooling off! Hilarious! Pearl says…”when in Rome”…or Denver as the case may be!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoStrolling up Cherry Creek we find all these little bridges that cross over! Pretty neat! There are tons of paved walking, biking, and running paths to chose from too. I LOVE the fact that bikes, rollerblades, etc. are separated on one side of the creek and pedestrians and dogs on the other. Very smart! Safe and more enjoyable too!!!!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoLots of cool apartments and condos line the creek as we head downtown….nice!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoNice dog park as we cross over one of the bridges! So far, Denver is pretty impressive!
Around 650,000+ people call this city home! Denver is also ranked among the top 3 fastest growing cities! Called the Mile High City because it’s elevation is exactly one mile above sea level (5,280 ft)! This claim to fame also makes Denver one of the highest (insert marijuana joke here) major cities in North America!

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoThis is about as close to a photo of the skyline as I could muster….but you get the gist….

Confluence Park, Denver, Colorado photoFinally, we see Bronco’s Stadium in the back left! And this is Elitch Gardens Amusement park. Still family owned after a century (although I think part of Six Flags) and continues to draw locals and tourist alike to ride the world famous Mister Twister (Twister II) roller coaster and walk the botanical gardens the park has been known for all this time.

A pleasant and rather unexpected surprise! Go Denver!

Thank you Colorado!!! Tomorrow, Wyoming…stay tuned!


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