Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Beauty on Branches! The Birdss of St. Vrain State Park!

Hi Everyone!
A very productive day at home. Enjoyed a very welcomed, overcast, cooler day!
Sat outside to work most of the day and just enjoyed our surroundings. We saw a few bass jumping in the lake and several very cool and large birds!

Blue Heron St Vrain State Park, Longmont, Colorado photoI mentioned this before but St. Vrain is home to one of the largest rookery of Blue Heron! We have seen several but this guy was just asking for a photo shoot! (Morning walk so photo by phone).

Hawks St Vrain State Park, Longmont, Colorado photoI have looked and looked to try to identify this handsome couple. They have been on this tree all day. We look at them, they look at us! These are some kind of large hawk or falcon like birds. They are black with a mostly white head but long black stripes on the crowns.

St Vrain State Park, Longmont, Colorado photoThe husband, on the top branch, never left his perch (still there even now!). The couple is definitely looking to call this place home. The lady did some nest shopping and left a few times to come back with very selective nesting material. This tree and this interesting couple have been quite the source of entertainment for me today!

St Vrain State Park, Longmont, Colorado photoAn incredible day, weather wise. The sun never came out! Another stroll this evening, and a quick dip to cool off. If you look closely you can still see those birds in that tree. Mr. Bird, still in the same spot while the lady bird is getting a feel for the entire trees’ suitability.

(a secret off leash dip…the key to these missions, is speed and not letting them get to far out-just cool the bellies and move along!)

Dragon Fly St Vrain State Park, Longmont, Colorado photoWalking dogs and shooting dragonflies is next to impossible BUT not entirely! I am fascinated by dragonflies and this one sat just long enough to for me to drop leashes, aim and shoot! I love his perfect camouflage for this area and those translucent wings….WOW!

Hoping to take a day trip into Golden, Colorado tomorrow….it will be our last day in Colorado before traveling just a bit north into Wyoming! To be continued…..


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