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Will The Real Colorado, Please Stand Up?

The morning was a bit of a challenge. The Walmart says “no campers” even though we see some that have clearly been there overnight. BUT Boulder Fairgrounds is our savior and we find a place to park for the night! Whew!
With that settled, we travel up Route 119 into the mountains to beat this heat and see where the real Colorado has been hiding!


Mud Lake, Nederland, Colorado PhotoOver 8,000 ft up into the Roosevelt National Forest and we find Mud Lake! A lovely small (not really muddy) lake with easy hiking trails to enjoy what we have been waiting for in Colorado-mountains and trees!

Mud Lake, Nederland, Colorado Photo

Now we’re talking!!! Look at that! A little snow in the mountains, some big, tall green trees and nature galore! We knew the real Colorado was here some place and are so happy to have finally found it. The drive up 119 is magnificent and filled with canyon like views, surrounded by Rocky Mountain landscapes, cool, clear rivers with a very likable city of Boulder to start us off on the journey! Boulder has some real possibility and is right up our alley. Quaint, small city life surrounded by mountains and is just what we were hoping for!

Abandoned Bus Mud Lake, Nederland, Colorado Photo

This un-Google-able, abandoned bus is at the trail head at Mud Lake. I cannot seem to find any information on how it got here, why it stayed or even who left it behind. It is quite reminiscent Jon Krakauer’s book “Into the Wild”, of which, I am a big fan!

Nederland, Colorado photo

Next stop, Nederland, Colorado!!! Yeah!!! Amazing little towns in the mountains of Colorado??…They do exist!!!! Founded in 1859, a lucky 1400+ persons, call this town home today!

Barker Meadow Reservoir, Nederland, Colorado photo

Barker Meadow Reservoir!
Nederland celebrates Frozen Dead Guy Days in March. A tip of the hat to a Norweigian immigrant who attempted to practice cryonics on his deceased Grandfather…weird but I’m all about festivals, so Cheers!

Did you think I would let this go??? (The story unfolds…..Trygve Bauge brought the body of his deceased Grandpa to the USA in 1989. The body was preserved in dry ice (what??) and then Grandpa was stored in California at the Trans Time Cryonics facility in liquid nitrogen from 1990-1993. In 1993, Gramps was moved to Nederland where Trygve and his sister, (or mother, it is unclear) Aud planned to build their own cryonics facility. Trygve was deported for overstaying on his visa so Aud kept Gramps frozen (cryogenically) in a shack behind her house. (Are you kidding me???)
When Aud was evicted from her home in violation of local law—-living with no electricity or plumbing!-(double What, what???) she told a reporter about her husband and now 2 others who had joined him in the frozen haven of her backyard!
As you can imagine, this created quite the controversy. A local environmental company jumped in to keep the cryonic “shed” operating. In 1995, a local shed company & radio station built a new “facility” to keep Gramps comfortable. During the last 10+ years various other local residents have stepped in to act as caretaker to Grandpa and thus a celebration in his honor has continued since 2002!! (Triple what, what, what????)

Rock Climbers, Nederland, Colorado photo

Onward and Upward….check out these local climbers! Braver than me, for sure. There are many stops along 119 to get out and hike…or climb as needed!

Nederland, Colorado photo

Ahhhhh…thank you Colorado!

Dog swimming Nederland, Colorado photo

And of course, the cool off in the stream, dog stop!
A fun day! Thank you Colorado for finally showing us your true face!!!!

Back to St. Vrain tomorrow and who knows what else….stay tuned!


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