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Taking it all off in Denver!! A Long Over Due Haircut and a Dog Swimming!

Hello Everyone,
Another bizarre day here in Colorado. We changed spots in the campground and then, well nothing really. We just weren’t feeling it today. Pearl has been a little under the weather again and with the heat, I guess we just deflated.
So, I decided to get a haircut. A long, long overdue haircut!

Hair Cut in Denver

I took it all off–It’s short! I cut about 8 or more inches off!! The back is just as short as the front seen here!! It’s really quite liberating! Of course, it’s nicely blown out so when it reverts back to it’s wavy self, all bets are off! It needed to be done and I am really quite happy!

Union reservoir Longmont, Colorado So we decided to head back to Union Reservoir to cool off and not have to over extend ourselves! Even I got in up to my shorts! Refreshing and we girls love it!

Gracie swims!! Union Reservoir photoWe have a swimmer!!!! Gracie officially swam today!!!! We are so proud!!! She took a little coaxing but with just the right sticks and me being in there…..success! Pearl is super close to swimming too. Next time we come here, we will bring our suits too so the whole family swims! I think that if we are all in the water it will be the tipping point for Pearl! (Maybe there is a dog on a paddle boat in our future yet!)

Dog swimming Union Reservoir Longmont, COlorado, photoOnce she did it a few times, there was not stopping her….I hope we have created a water monster. Only time will tell 🤗! The water was clear but a funky color today so I am playing with filters.

Union reservoir dog swimming photoNo shortage of dog friends to play with here!

Denver Hair cutOne last look at the new doo….I like the photo with the girls in the back going each way!!! Dog to the left, Dog to the right!

No predictions for tomorrow….🤗


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