Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

A Visit to Coot Lake and The Boulder Reservoir for an Evening Stroll!

Hi Everyone,
Another “off day” here in the much anticipated state of Colorado! I am not sure if it’s me or Colorado but I feel as though we have hit an adventure “wall” of sorts! Still, everything is new so we move forward bright eyed and hopeful!

Coot Lake Boulder, Colorado, photo

A local dog parent told me about this place. Coot Lake, next to Tom Watson Park in Boulder. He was right that the Girls would love it and they did! A nice little fishing hole that allows for off-leash frolicking and swimming!

Boulder Reservoir, photo

Just behind Coot Lake is the Boulder reservoir! Famous for the original Polar Bear Plunge! Starting in 1983, crazy fools spend their New Year’s Day half naked running into the frozen reservoir (we have all seen them on tv!) and then run right back in to hot tubs set up on the beach to defrost their body parts! Hangover cure???? (No way, not me, EVER!)

Boulder Foothills photo

Boulder lies at the foothills and reminds me a bit of North Carolina…very pretty and far more rural than anticipated. Granted we are not IN Boulder proper but after a late start (the tow kit on the car is broken and needed to be fixed so we were car-less most of the day), we will venture into town another day!

Boulder Reservoir and foothills photo

A nice mix of mountain ranges and water with the now familiar prairie-like grasslands! Lovely!

Mini sunflower coot lake Boulder photo

A beautiful mini sunflower!!!

Coot Lake Trail Boulder, photo

The Girls are easy to please and this nice park fits the bill!!! Not an bad ending to the day at all!

Tomorrow we move to another spot in this campground and then the following day to Camp Walmart so who knows what’s in store….stay tuned….


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