Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Denver, Colorado! One Mile High Park at a Time!

Hello Everyone,
Today was the big adventure into downtown…or so I thought!! In my research, I chose Washington Park as our first stop. Denver’s largest city park filled with off leash dog areas.
We are ready!!

Washington Park, Denver photo

Here we are but where is downtown??? About 5 miles back north. Hmmmm…I thought this would be in the city center but my calculations were wrong. The downtown skyline seems rather elusive to me….I did not see it driving on the way up from Evergreen either! (???) We ladies think it is hiding behind the mountains some place! Oh!!, but those are missing too.

White Pelicans Washington Park, Denver photo

I’m calling these Swanicans…They look like Pelicans and Swans! What the hell is going on in Denver??!!?
So it gets better….the White Pelicans (what they actually are) love trout!! Many of the lakes in the area are filled (by land developers) with $2/lb trout to attract sportsmen and bird watchers alike.

Well, a local issue seems to be that White Pelicans can eat up to 3 trout a day! Much to the dismay of the sportsmen and developers but certainly to the delight of the Pelicans! While the sportsmen might catch and release, the Pelican are from the “catch and digest” philosophy!

What to do??? It is quite a debate as you can imagine. Ideas from scare tactics like fire crackers to killing the Pelicans have been suggested. (Come on, really??!) For now the Pelicans and their free lunch are winning the battle. But one sportsman, when asked, was quoted as saying “I would never kill anything I couldn’t eat” and when asked what he thought Pelican would taste like, his answer: “like trout, I guess.”……hahahahahahaa!!! (Thanks for the article Denver Post!)

Washington Park, Denver photo

Washington Park also has a garden that is a replica of George Washington’s garden at Mount Vernon! Here’s a little peek…

Washington Park, Denver photo

Overall, the park was just ok. We did not see all the “off-leash” areas as promised but oh well….still a nice walk.

Cherry Creek State Park, Denver photo

Next stop Cherry Creek State Park. Huge prairie-like park with miles of trails and a huge reservoir! Still no skyline, still no mountains BUT off-leash and the promise of some quality swimming!!!

Off leash Cherry Creek State Park, Denver photo

Cherry Creek! At first we were…kind of disappointed (where is the reservoir?)…but then dogs and people alike noticed the nice sandy bottom and shallow wading waters were just what we all needed to cool off!

Off leash Cherry Creek State Park, Denver photo

A nice way to end the tour of downtown Denver! (Just kidding, we will have to try that again with better information.)

Cherry Creek State Park, Denver photo

Oh, wait….Mountains!!! The Colorado you see in movies must be over there somewhere…I need to investigate further.

No promises tomorrow….my track record for adventures seem to be off a bit but you never know.


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