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The Missing Mountains of Colorado! St. Vrain State Park, Longmont is filled with Gorgeous Grasslands but Where Do You Ski?

Doesn’t everyone from the northeast think Colorado is supposed to be covered in mountains???
I certainly did….Rockies and Skiing, what else is there supposed to be?? The Mile High City, I think mountains! I am severely misinformed!!!
A 50 mile drive, just north of Denver, we are in Longmont, Colorado at St. Vrain State Park! Not quite the high desert of the southwestern part of the state but a strange cross-over of arid grass lands.

St. Vrain State Park, Longmont, Colorado photoThere we are! A terrific state park with plenty of elbow room, several ponds, birds and fish, semi-shaded and vastly different from our “Walmart campground” last night.

Desert Flower and bee photoBusy Bees! Very desert looking flowers with those sharp prongs but soft delicate petals are a beautiful contrast!

St Vrain State park photoApparently, this park is home to the largest rookery of Blue Heron!!

St Vrain State park flower photoRemember the thorny red/green flower from Stephen’s park in Vail? This is the flower that blooms from that very same plant!!! Incredible!

st. Vrain State park photoThe mountains are back there some place but we are on the cusp of a huge thunder storm and they are under cover for the moment. Gracie is in meltdown mode, poor dear. First rain we have seen in a long, long time!
This lack of camping problem will keep us here for almost 2 weeks, I can think of worse places to be….

St. Vrain state park photo

Water, water everywhere but no hook ups directly! This is our first park that does not have direct water hook ups. (Not including dry-camping) Colorado takes water conservation to a whole new level! No biggie, we have a gigantic tank and we just fill up on our way in. A great lesson to be learned here, (scary even for when the zombies arrive or there is an apocalypse)…we have gotten used to conserving water when we have no sewer and need to keep our tanks from filling up…now we add running out of water to the equation. Not as hard as you might think…turn the water off when brushing teeth and face, quick showers, paper plates or quick wash, use shower houses and lots of baby wipes in lieu of!

Lots to see and do in the area! Stay tuned!


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