Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Moab, Utah’s Dog-Amazing Outdoor Adventure in the Controversially Named Negro Bill Canyon!

Hello All!
Our last day in Utah was fantastic!!! What a away to end our tour of this incredible state!
We stayed overnight in Moab in an adorable, bright orange Eco cabin thanks to the dog loving people at Kokopelli 100 West! Got up bright and early to take one of the best hikes on this trip so far.

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon dog photo Ready, set, go!

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photoOff Leash and beautiful, here we are in Negro Bill Canyon! A controversial name, to be sure, but the area is named for a bi-racial cowboy, William Granstaff, who, in the late 1870’s prospected and ran cattle in this area with a Canadian trapper named “Frenchie”.

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photo Morning Glory BridgeThis magnificent trail rewards hikers with a grand finale-Morning Glory Bridge! About 2.25 miles in, the hike is pretty moderate (a few tricky spots) and filled with stream cross-overs (aka, dog pools), clean enough to drink, and perfect for cooling off!

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photo With dogsGracie is like a 4×4 Billy Goat…she can hike, climb and jump like a pro! Look at that back drop, if you can tear yourself away from her happy face! Gorgeous!

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photo Morning Glory BridgeMorning Glory Bridge….look carefully and you can see the sun between the bridge and the huge rock cave is was once attached to.

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photo Dogs at Morning Glory Bridge

Best photo of the day! Under the bridge is a cold water spring and a nice wading pool! The colors here are brilliant!

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photo Morning Glory BridgeThe view above to the cave side!

Morning Glory Bridge Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photo

And the view below the bridge!
If I’m being honest, we liked this area better than Arches. I only say this, not to diminish the incredible sights of the National Park but simply to say, an off-leash, quiet, not crowded, non-driving version with similar beauty, is at the least, a tie.

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photoAs we head back, we learn a bit more about Bill and his canyon….after a short run, 1887-1881, in this area, the cowboy fled the area after being caught bootlegging whiskey to the local Native Americans. The area was originally called XXXXXX Bill Canyon and was changed to Negro Bill Canyon in the 1960’s.
After the 2015 shooting in the Charleston Baptist Church, local council woman, Mary McGann proposed the canyon be renamed Granstaff Canyon. She was met with opposition from the president of the NAACP of Salt Lake City….What???

Moab, Utah Negro Bill Canyon photoThis canyon and its cool, comforting stream lead directly into the main channel of the great Colorado River! A stunning way to spend the day!

Tomorrow, Colorado…stay tuned!


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