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Arches National Park!!! Sandstone Giants and Proof Mother Nature is One Hell of an Artist!

Hello Everyone!!!!
A big day! For me, another bucket list item…Arches National Park!
100 million years of water, ice, erosion and violent weather coupled with underground salt bed movement is clear evidence that Mother Nature is a remarkable artist!

The Organ @ Arches National Park photo

The Organ! I fell in love instantly and while the arches are featured, I thought this masterpiece was the most incredible! At over 700 ft tall, I am astounded!

Windows at Arches National Park, photo

The Windows area. Gorgeous!
Arches is another drive-thru park with many, many vista stops including hiking trails, of varying degrees, to reach the pinnacle attraction. No dogs allowed on the trails (don’t get me started) BUT honestly, the best views were from further away so you can truly appreciate the magnitude of these formations. Here in center of the arch, you can see people and get a handle on the real scale of this arch!

Double Arches @ Arches NP photo

The Double Arches-very cool! Looking closely, you can see people to the far left in the arch for scale.
Arches NP, is a “living park”, meaning it is constantly changing! New formations are being created all the time while older formations disappear! While it takes something extreme to damage or break most of the arches, spires or formations, there are over 2000 arches and countless other natural sculptures in the park!

Double Arches at Arches National park photo

Another shot of this beauty with more people at different stages of the hike….you can get a true sense of the size! To qualify as an arch, the opening must be at least 3 ft long!

Parade of Elephants at Arches National park photo

This area is part of what is known as the Parade of Elephants!…Well named and stunning!

Skylight Arch at Arches NP photo

Here is the skylight arch! It is really hard to get a picture of any arch without the gaggles of tourists (like us!)….I got lucky with this isolated roadside stop!

Having the Girls with us really didn’t hinder our experience too much. Plenty of paved areas and the campground afforded us plenty of views. Also, it was 103 today, so I’m ok with not hiking around too much!

Devil's Garden, Arches National park photo

The Devils Garden!!! Wow! Check out those Barbie doll sized campers on the right and it is easy to be impressed by the enormity of this place!

Arches Campground photo

Ok, so we cheated a little….we took a nice stroll in the campground so we could hike like everyone else. Dear Pearl knows there are many rabbits across this grand vista!

FYI-the reason the dogs cannot hike the trails is lame and rather contradictory in our opinion-we are told their scent upsets the balance of the other animals in the park. Hmmmm…Hello?? There are millions of tourists driving and stomping through here every year and on a 103 degree day, I can bet you not all of them smell delightful and never like the desert animals that call this place home! Anyway….I could go on and on.

Arches National Park, photo

This collection of spires is another one of my favorites!!!

Balanced ROck, Arches National park photo

Finally, this is Balanced Rock! Total height-128 ft! Impressive, especially because the actual balanced rock portion is 55 ft! Astounding!

A wonderful, albeit very hot day! Arches, check!!!

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