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Thompson Spring, Utah and The Sego Canyon Petroglyphs! A History in Rock Art for the Visual Learner!

Hi Everyone!
Another random roadside RV park treasure! Surprises like this one really validate my dislike for RV resort parks. Granted, Ballard RV Park is pretty much “no frills” but the owner has really made an investment and given it is the only gig in “town” (population 39)…his future and this park have a nice future ahead.
BUT, when the campground lacks dog friendly walking (aka-no grass and sand spurs everywhere) we almost always find a treat like Thompson Canyon!
Thompson Canyon, Utah photoJust a north of our campground, we find this incredible place! Pearl had some long awaited rabbit action, which was the highlight for her!

Fremont people pictographs, Thompson, Utah photo

The Fremont People lived in the area of Thompson Canyon from 600-1250 AD! The Fremont depicted themselves as these trapezoidal shaped beings. There is also evidence of big horned sheep (still elusive to us, however), deer and maybe the arrival of Christians (small cross on the top left side). What is really cool are these illustrations are pictographs rather than petroglyphs. The difference, pictographs are painted rather than etched and far more rare, especially in this condition!

Thompson Canyon, Utah  photo

Severe desert weather created these erosion holes right in the hillside!!!

Thompson Canyon, Utah photo

We decided to walk along the “river”. Wide and easy to walk, it is completely dry, but there is still evidence of flash flooding that must occur throughout the year!

Pictoglyphs not Petroglyphs Thompson Canyon, Utah

These pictographs are from the are from later Fremont people, I believe. (Looks like they were met by aliens, the images are very spaceman looking, in my opinion-I totally believe!). So cool and just unbelievable that they are preserved so well!

Thompson Canyon, Utah photo

So beautiful!!! I love the variations of color in the rocks!!!!

Ute Pictographs Thompson Canyon, Utah photo

These pictographs are from the Ute people (part of the Numic or Shoshonean group of Native Americans) and date back to 1300 AD! Remarkably, they continue to live here even today after being removed in the 1880’s! What is incredible here is the depiction of not only the people and animals but of horses that were introduced to the people by the Spanish in the sixteenth century! I love the pictograph of the shield in red & white!

Thompson Canyon, Utah photo

What a great find for the whole family and we had it all to ourselves! The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) has done a fantastic job planning this area to include a picnic area immersed in these beautiful surroundings with interpretive signs so everyone call learn about its incredible past! GO BLM!!!

Big adventure in Moab tomorrow….stay tuned!


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