Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Random Roadside RV Parks are like a box of chocolates….

…You never know what your gonna get!

Here we are at the Butch Cassidy RV Park, in Salina, Utah. A quick stop over as we head east. I love these stops, there is always something to interesting to see!

Tree in a tire, Utah photo

Like a tree growing out of a tractor tire!

Butch Casssidy RV Park Utah photo

OR a fellow RV’er with a sense of humor….

Salina, Utah Rooster guards his chickens photo

OR dedicated chicken protection…

Paultry Poultry, Utah photo

And paltry poultry (she is actually pretty normal, I just wanted to use both words)

Utah Turkey photo

OR a Turkey!

Pigmy Goat, Utah photo

And of course, a pigmy goat!

Two pigmy goats photo

Or two pigmy goats…(I mean, really, who could have just one!)

Utah Chicken photo
And finally The Welcome Wagon!

Just being silly!

Did lots of work on the blog today. Added photos to Amazing Dogs, Dogs we’ve met (this needs a lot of work and will actually be real dogs we met, if I can focus), improved the “about me”, portfolio, and back posted most of Washington, etc. Check it out!
I think I need to cherry pick old posts from Oregon, California, etc. just so I can get the state representation and fill in later. 200+ days of adventures is a lot but it’s fantastic to reminisce as I go. I hope to really “launch” by Monday…a little nervous but I do think the site is coming along nicely!



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