Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Bustling Beaver, Utah and Minersville Lake State Park-best water ever and dogs agree!

Lazy and local today after an incredible 2 days!
We ladies did manage a visit out to Minersville Lake State Park…cool, clean water, a perfect way to relax and cool off.
Actually, Beaver was voted #1 for worlds best tasting water in 2010!…Perhaps there should be a fact check here but a fun detail none the less!

Minersville Lake State Park, Beaver, Utah photoAnd there is a peek of the award winning water!

The temperature of the water, even in the hottest months, never breaks 70 degrees. A natural cooling system is the key to great tasting water, I guess.
Coincidently, earlier today, I was complaining that the water was funky and that the ice cubes were disturbing my wine. Don’t judge, the camper fridge is not big enough to keep a suitable surplus of wine cold at all times….Excuse me and my uncivilized taste buds!

Minersville Lake State Park, Beaver Utah photoPretty area. That’s good, since Beaver it’s a pretty teeny place. Population of just over 2,000; I’ve seen only 1 grocery store, a few of gas stations and a handful of mom & pop’s.
To the contrary, Beaver has quite a bustling history as part of the California Trail during the height of the gold rush!

Minersville Lake State Park, photoAnd…Beaver’s most notable son…..Butch Cassidy!

Minersville Lake State Park photo UtahPearl has plans to chase that jet ski….Gracie has other plans….

Minersville Lake state park Utah photoAnyway, tomorrow we move on from Beaver and it’s culinary water, as we head due east!

Minersville Lake State park with dogs photo
Guess the girls have more elevated taste buds than I do….they drank without complaint!

Random travel stop over tomorrow, no idea what could be in store….stay tuned…


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