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Why Bryce Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list!!!

Hello All,
I am picture drunk! Seriously, I took sooooo many photos at Bryce Canyon National Park that the editing process has left me virtually blind!! In one word…Spectacular!!!!!

Scenic Highway 12 Dixie forest to Bryce Canyon photo

In the same massive forest as Cedar Breaks, we enter the Red Canyon, only to get a sample for what is yet to come…..I am jittery with excitement as Bryce Canyon is, undoubtedly, for me, a bucket list item.

Bryce Canyon photo

I almost think photos cannot capture the magic of this place. We arrived around sunset but found that the sun was not setting directly over the canyon this time of year….no disappointment though, as the views and colors are still incredible!!!!

Bryce Canyon photoAre you kidding me????
Ok, let’s get into it….while not actually a canyon, Bryce is a series of “amphitheaters”! These bizarrely beautiful, natural sculptures are called “hoodoos”!! While hoodoos are a giggle to say,(please leave the Game Of Throwns (spoiler) reference out of this-not the same thing) they are actually thin rock spires that form from an arid basin. Hoodoo’s can range from nearly 5ft to an astonishing 148 ft tall!!!

Bryce Canyon photoBryce (I feel I can call him by his first name now) is 35,000+ acres, and his highest points are
8-9,000 ft above sea level!

Young Deer at Bryce Canyon Utah photoMeanwhile, this incredible area supports an abundance of protected wildlife. We (not the girls-thankfully) got a glimpse of this young lady having supper-with a view!

Bryce Canyon sunset/sunrise point photo

Seriously, my fav picture of the day….I will let it speak for itself!

Bryce Canyon hoodoo's up close photoSome Hoodoo’s up close!!!

Bryce Canyon photoDeep! 800+ ft! There is an expansive trail system inside the canyon. Not dog friendly BUT the rim trail (sunrise point to sunset point) certainly is. The rim trail is 38 miles round trip and has view points every mile or so…drivable and walkable, your choice!

Bryce Canyon photo

Founded in 1875 by Ebebezar Bryce, a Scot, sent by the Church Of Latter-Day Saints, made this area his home! (Can you image the parties!?) The Bryce family moved to Arizona in 1880 (what? Why?) the local’s continued to call the area Bryce’s Canyon…..and somethings are just as simple as that, folks!

Magnificent and a must see for all!
Not sure how you can get any better than this but the country is awful big, so we will continue to see what is around the next hoodoo!…stay tuned!

**one note-Bryce is $30 to enter! By far, our most expensive outing. Utah,in general, has at least $5-10 fee at all parks (a little pricy for some, in my opinion). The majority of our adventures have been free and a few $5 or under.



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