Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Exploring Cedar Breaks National Monument! Everyone can be Dora the Explorer!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Welcome to Cedar Breaks National Monument, one of Southern Utah’s amazing sights! Incredible!!!!

Cedar Breaks National Monument photoMormon Pioneers mistook the native Engelmann Spruce for Cedars and “breaks” denotes and uninhabitable area with jagged edges and ravines!!! However, the name came about the views are incredible!!!

Cedar Breaks National Monument photoThese shots are taken from the Chessmen Ridge overlook…we are 10, 450 ft up!!!

Dog Friendly view point at Cedar Breaks National Monument photoCouldn’t resist a photo op with the girls. While dogs are limited to paved trails and campgrounds, we didn’t miss out on any of the views and still took a nice 2 mile nature walk from the visitor center to the campground and back!

Cedar breaks national Monument photoCedar Breaks in located deep in and way on top of the Dixie National Forest. The drive up was beautiful!
The range of colors are due to various combinations of minerals like iron and manganese!

Cedar Breaks National Monument, Utah photoWhile Cedar Breaks is just over 6000 acres, Dixie National Forest is almost 2 million acres! Temperatures and weather are extreme here….nothing comes in moderation, regardless of season BUT the month of July is the most relaxed. Still we left the house a 90+ degrees and it was in the 60’s way up here!

Cedar Breaks amphitheaters photoThis is the amphitheater!!!! Resembling a huge coliseum, she is 2000 ft deep and 3 miles in diameter! Millions of years of wind, rain, ice and erosion created this “bowl” with the Markagunt Plateau , on the left, at 10,000ft tall!

Cedar Breaks National Monument wildflowers photo

In sharp contrast to the reds and oranges of the amphitheater, Dixie’s wild flowers are in full bloom!! So nice to see them…there are tall Junipers and then long, flower filled meadows everywhere!

Cedar Breaks in Dixie Forest photo

Back in the 1990’s severe drought and forest fires lead the foundation for an infestation of bark beetles! These destructive, horrendous little creatures are no bigger than a grain of rice, yet powerful enough to several damage 10’s of 1000’s of acres!
Good news though, the beetle is gone and new trees are everywhere!!!! You just have to believe Mother Nature has her reasons!!!

Long Creek Dixie national forest photoI think this is the Long Valley Creek! No filters here….just fantastic blue water and a picture perfect surrounding!!!!!
A fine, fine, fine day….breath-taking!!!!



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