Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Utah Lake State Park and the mayonnaise dilemma!

Hi Everyone,
A visit to Utah Lake State Park is a fine way to kick off the holiday weekend! The largest fresh water lake in Utah, it is dog friendly and a sportsman’s paradise!

Utah Lake State Park jetty photoThere is a lagoon toward the front and a break in the jetty for lake access, but in my opinion, the views steal the show!!!!

Utah Lake State Park, dog friendly, photoPearl agrees, and really, what else matters!

Utah Lake State park, Provo wetlands photo
The Provo River feeds the lake and creates lovely wetlands! What a beautiful place to celebrate our Independence!!!

Utah Lake State Park photoThe smell of charcoal, hotdogs and burgers fill the air as holiday cookouts are popular in this terrific park!
OK, as a side note….I went to the grocery store today and needed mayo…of course, the selection was lean for this is the hotdog/burger/condiment holiday of the year BUT to my confusion…Hellmann’s was labeled Best Foods! (What?!? Who messes with Hellmann’s?) I was dumbfounded, same exact label, logo, container shape, all was exact except for the name!!!

Utah Lake State park photoMore incredible views and more mayo mystery…..finally and thankfully, there is Google. Apparently, Best Foods is sold west of the Rockies and Hellmann’s, east. The story goes, Best Foods bought Hellmann’s in 1932 but the name had such a following they dare not change it in the East. The company swears the ingredients are the same but of course, there are the naysayers.

Utah Lake State Park photoStill gorgeous out here on the jetty and we are duped by the mayo saga. Conceding to purchase this doppelgänger mayo, I immediately checked our fridge for imposters when I got home…sure enough, there it was…Best Foods mayonnaise! (No shit!!-we have been in the West too long!!)

Utah Lake State park photoA wonderful outing overall! Who could complain about this park!
Meanwhile, the Duke’s mayonnaise folks are no doubt shaking their mayonnaise covered, southern fingers at us Yankees!

**for those who don’t know….most folks south of the Mason/Dixon will argue that Duke’s mayo is the only mayo! For transplants, like ourselves, this idea is preposterous but it is a real and often serious debate, none the less!

Need to make some headway south tomorrow….stay tuned!!!


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