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Bridal Veil Falls and Sundance-a balance between nature and hype!

A lovely and overcast day here in Utah! A good day for a nice nature hike in the Provo Canyon area! This area is quite susceptible to avalanches in the winter time! (No, thanks!) So, a nice summertime adventure is a better plan!

Bridal Veil Falls, Provo, Utah photo

Bridal Veil Fall is a double cataract, 607 ft tall waterfall! Gorgeous! There is a 14 mile greenway trail that starts all the way back in Provo and ends just a few miles past this natural beauty! Back before 1966, there was a tramway and restaurant on the top of the falls! Unfortunately, an avalanche and subsequent fire have made those a distant memory.

Bridal Veil Fall, Provo, Utah photoThe Provo Canyon has much exposed limestone as seen here! It is deep and wide. At the bottom of the falls is a nice wading pool for the enjoyment of families and dogs alike!

Provo Canyon, Utah photoThe canyon separates Mount Timpanogos or “Timp” on the north (she is 11,700+ ft tall) and Mount Cascade on the south! Provo stands about 4500 ft above sea level!

Bridal Veil falls, rainbow trout, Provo, Utah photoJust off the wading pool, is a pond just for these guys! Rainbow Trout, (or Steelhead trout) I believe! Handsome for a fish! We guess he weighs in about 5-7 pounds! Lucky for him and his buddies as there is a fish food machine available for tourists, so he never goes hungry!

Sundance Resort side view, Utah photoOk, so Sundance was lame. The “area” of Sundance is just a bunch of lodges and cabins over 5,000 acres of prime ski slopes. You have to pay to enter the main lodge (what??) just to get a peek…we passed.

Sundance Resort ski slopes photoI am sure the rooms are lovely and you do get this incredible view, among others, but at $400+ a night (non-film festival rate), and no Redford, we moved along.

Sundance Resort views, Utah, photoStill snow on the mountains! Hard to believe in this heat but the proof is in the photo! For me, Park City is a better pick, film festival or not!



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