Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Everyone in a Park City, Utah is High! 10,000 ft up, baby!

We ladies had a lovely day in Park City! What a charming and fun little town! Only about 7,000 people actually live here but over half a million people visit each year. Amazing skiing, shopping, restaurants, alpine slides, spas, top-notch resorts and of course, the Sundance Film Festival are just a handful of the reasons to vacation in Park City!

Park City, Utah, downtown photo

Here is a view of the adorable Main Street. No shortage of good times to be had here. I can certainly understand the draw!

Park City, Utah, Banksey on Main St photo

Famous Graffiti artist, Banksy, was obviously a tourist at some point and left his calling card behind. Nice that the city has tried to preserve is tag.

Park City, Utah, Franz the Bear, photo

Pearl was not all that impressed by permanent resident, Franz, the bear. He is a popular photo op for just about everyone who visits!

park City, Utah, ski slopes, photo

Surrounded by ski slopes-gorgeous even with no snow!

Park City, UT, Willow Creek Dog park photo

Jackpot! Willow Park Dog Park. While is was 15 degrees cooler up here in the Mountains, still 90, and the girls needed to cool off! Great off leash dog park with a “dog only” pond and fabulous views!

Park City, Utah, Willow Creek Dog park and pond photo

Paws up for Park City and Willow Creek!

Park City, Utah, Utah Olympic park photo

Next stop Utah Olympic Park, home of the 2002 Winter sports! A nice treat since we are on the cusp of the opening ceremonies in Brazil for 2016!

Park City Utah, Utah Olympic Park, ski jumping photoOriginal ski jumps! Crazy!

Park City, Utah, Ski jumping training camp, photo

This facility is still used for training current athletes! The park also serves as a summertime destination where visitors can ski, flip and land in the pool below! Wild!!! There are extreme tubing, zip lines and a mountain coaster!

**Strong power draws and surges in the RV park blew out one of our air conditioners…uggg! Not good when the temp in 103 and the low only 74!!! Frustrating BUT we have a service appointment scheduled for today anyway so at least we can get it fixed….fingers crossed! Girls will get a (overdue) day at the spa and Shane and I, a trip to the movies!!!!

Heading south tomorrow…..Xxoo


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