Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Hey Ho Idaho! A treat to be found in Burley, Idaho! Sometimes the best plan is no plan!

Hello Everyone!

To make up for the lack of potatoes, although we did finally see a few fields and potato signs on the windy drive in today, Idaho had one more treat in store for us. Burley, Idaho!!!
What a treat! Hepburn Riverside RV park is quite a surprise considering we just stopped here for the overnight!

Burley-Heyburn, Idaho park photoRight from our campground, which is roomy, level and has a big green space, is this lovely park! You can still see a little snow on the mountain tops!!! This is the Albion Range. Home to Mt. Harrison and Cache Peak (highest mountain in Idaho!)

Burley-Heyburn Idaho covered bridge park photoA nice evening stroll!!! We are so thrilled to have found this special place!

Burley, Idaho-Heyburn Riverside RV Park, nice surprise photoThe Snake River….again! Considering it is over a 1000 miles long, it is no wonder we have seen so much of it! I did see a huge brown fish jump today….Steelhead trout I think!

Burley-Heyburn park, spring flowers photoI think someone planted this spring mix but so pretty!!!

Burley-Heyburn Idaho, Snake River, Idaho photoFor a small town, off the beaten path, Burley sure does have some incredible views!

Burley-Heyburn Idaho park, peaceful view, snake River, mountains in Idaho, phootWhat a park!

Burley-Heyburn Idaho, desert with view of mountains, fantastic park photoViews for miles!!!!

Burley-Heyburn, Idaho park, Chinese Lilac photoPark of the park is an Arboretum! This is a Chinese Lilac! What!?!
Smells very similar to our familiar purple lilacs in the northeast but yellow!!! So cool!

Not to shabby for our last day in Idaho! Utah here we come!!
(Did run to the liquor store for provisions….Utah is a dry state…terrifying! Better safe than sorry!)


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