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A Hole in the Ground! Idaho is full of surprises but no potatoes!

Still no potato farms and we drove deep into farm country Idaho today! I am beginning to think this whole potato thing is a myth!
Hot like Hades today but we wanted to check out one last thing before we head towards Utah.

Box Canyon, Thousand Springs State park, Hagerman, Idaho photoWe ladies, walked about 2 miles to Box Canyon…there she is in the distance….looks like a big hole in the ground! Surrounded by dry brush and volcanic rocks, we brought plenty of water and wore high powered sunscreen!

Earl M. Hardy Box Canyon, Thousand Springs State park, Hagerman, IdahoLow and behold crystal clear ponds of water sit 250ft feet down!

Box Canyon, Hagerman, Idaho photoWe love this view and are being extremely careful on these precarious cliffs..not to mention being on the look out for snakes who call this area home! A little unnerving, honestly!

Box Canyon, IdahoThere is a large spring water fall here too but we discovered the trail down to the fall’s base is rather narrow and not a great idea for our family. We were looking forward to a dip but decided a trip into town for big, fat hamburgers and cold drinks might be a better idea!

Box Canyon, Idaho, photoStill pretty but, honestly, it’s sisters from the last few days are a bit more impressive.

I83 East Bound Idaho, photo
Not even speeding! Idaho has 80 MPH on the highways! Best way to bring home junk food when the nearest burger joint is 25 miles away! All was still hot and fresh when we arrived home!
Weatherman says it feels like 108 outside. We are trying to relax outside but even dry heat at 92+ degrees is a bit much!

Traveling quite a bit for the next few days as we head over to Salt Lake City. Does not appear there is much to see and do between here and there so these last few days of beauty might have to hold you over for a bit….stay tuned.



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