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Shoshone Falls & Perrine Bridge a Father’s Day Treat in Twin Falls, Idaho

Hello Everyone!

Happy Father’s Day! Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing day!

We ventured out to see more waterfalls and gorges. Idaho is really aiming to please and who on earth knew! Best kept secret in the US if you ask us!

Shonshone Falls, Twin Fall, Idaho photo
Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls….WOW! Called the Niagara of the West! These falls are 212 ft high (45 ft higher than Niagara!) and flows over a rim 1000 ft wide! Formed about 14,000 years ago they became a tourist attraction all the way back in 1860!

Snake River from Shonshone Falls photoSnake River Canyon….believe it or not, we are seeing this area in “low flow”! In high flow, the falls are one continuous fall and the river is several feet higher and wider! This area of the river is mostly fed from snow melt of the Rockies, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons!

Monarch Butterfly on Showy Milkweed Shonshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho photoI couldn’t resist this….

Shonshone Falls with rainbow mist, Twin Falls, IdahoAnother view with a little rainbow peaking out from the mist! The falls were named for Lemnitzer Shoshone “salmon eaters” people who inhabited this area. In 1843, John Fremont passed through this area an remarked that “the salmon were so abundant that the Shoshone throw in their spears at random and were certain to bring out fish”. Also, remember that our fearless Sacajawea was Shoshone also (although no mention of her in this area as it would have been many years earlier)

Idaho Spud Candy Bar photo, not what you think!Ok, so evidently it is not the potato but this candy bar that makes Idaho famous (see lower portion of the wrapper)…this candy bar is marshmallow covered in chocolate and dipped in coconut…so sweet it will rattle your fillings and have no idea how this correlates to Idaho or potatoes for that matter….

Perrine Bridge, Twin Falls, Idaho photoPerrine Bridge also in Twin Falls! Magnificent views! Opened in 1927, at the time it was the highest bridge in the world! A face lift in 1970-75 was required to handle the traffic of the modern world. The bridge is 1500 ft long and 486 ft above the Snake River! She sure is pretty!

Perrine Bridge western view, incredible golf course, Twin Falls, Idaho, photoThe western view from the bridge…..yowza!!! Check out that golf course! Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!

Perrine Bridge, Evel Knievel ramp, Twin Falls, Idaho, photoThe southeastern exposure from the bridge, not only beautiful but off in the distance (just past the turn, look up) you can see the dirt ramp Evel Knievel used when he unsuccessfully tried to jump the canyon (parachute malfunction)…he walked away with only a broken nose back in 1974! This bridge is also famous for its BASE jumpers (ahhh, no thanks). I rather just take in this view with my two feet firmly on the ground!



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