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Our Own Private Idaho! Beauty without the trouble!

Idaho finally stepped up its game!!! No, not the world’s largest potato exhibit (still waiting, though) but beauty, well done!
Thousand Springs State Park is actually 5 parks in the Hagerman Valley! We journeyed out to 2 of them today!

Ritter Island, Waterfalls, Thousand Springs State Park, Hagerman, IdahoHere we are on Ritter’s Island. These water falls are bursting from the canyon wall. The water supply starts over 100 miles away in the lava fields at Craters of the Moon National Monument (a far drive from us since its elevation is almost 6000ft plus 100 miles to the NE). The water stays in the ground for close to 200 years before emerging in these incredible falls!

Minnie Miller Falls, Ritter Island, Hagerman, Idaho, photoMinnie Miller springs are one of the largest remaining natural springs in this area! The water is crystal clear and very cold (according to a few kayakers we saw). The green is a water growing plant and not algae or moss! Minnie Miller bought this property in 1918 to raise cattle, specifically the best Guernsey Cattle in the world! Since then it has been including a private retreat (Judge Willis Ritter for 32 years), a dairy farm and a nature preserve before becoming a state park.

Ritter Island, Hagerman IdahoYou can really see how clear the water is here…Miss Pearl approves and took a dip, of course!

Snake RIver from RItter Island, Thousand Springs State Park, IdahoI love this picture, it looks like a painting. This sums up Idaho’s terraferma….rolling brushy hills with jagged rock and scrubby brunch…here you can see the Snake River running through the valleys….amazing!

Malad Gorge, Hagerman, Idaho photoMalad Gorge is another gem of this park! 250 feet down, the Malad River leaves the Devils Washbowl to join Snake River.

Malad Gorge, Devils Washbowl, Thousand Springs state park, Hagerman Idaho, photooUp stream is the Devils Washbowl, a nice, rocky waterfall that runs right under I84!

Malad Gorge, Thousand Springs State Park, Hagerman, Idaho photoThe falls, River and gorge were created by volcanic activities followed by violent glacier melting millions of years ago! Talk about beauty from devastation!

Any incredible day and Idaho gets mega points for the outing!


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