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Farewell Bend State Park! Last Stop on the Oregon Trail and a Desert Paradise!

Brownlee reservoir, great fishing, salmon, desert paradise

Another big drive and we are just a few miles from Idaho! Our last stop in Oregon was too nice to pass up. Farewell State Park right on the Snake River!

Incredible view of the Snake River.This area was the last stop on the Oregon Trail by the Snake River where early settlers could rest, water and graze their cattle. Not a bad pit stop if you ask me!
This 1000+ mile River starts in Wyoming in Yellowstone and is the largest tributary of the Columbia River….gorgeous blue water is a nice contrast to the soft tans of the desert!

Farewell State Park on the Snake River photo

I plan to park myself, with this view, all day tomorrow (actually starting now!). It will be in the low 80’s and there is a nice breeze here. We are ready for a nice lazy day!
Oregon Desert hillside photo

Oregon desert is quite hilly! An up and down, very curvy 150 miles today!

Desert gopher, ground squirrel, woodchuck, everyone calls them something different photoMaking some new friends…Belding Ground Squirrels! Needless to say the girls are going
ape-shit because they are everywhere! So, ground squirrels only live above ground a maximum of 4 months of the year. They hibernate in winter and go into aestivation in the summer (a hot weather hibernation of sorts). While above ground, eating veggies and grasses is the business at hand! Clearly, if they live underground all the rest of the year it’s a license to binge eat!!!

Farewell State Park photo, Peaceful OverlookNice view!



Mae dog! (Wish the camera focused on her and not the tree but a cute picture anyway!)

Gracie Mae!

There we are…way back there…a primo spot to rest and recharge! Amazingly, we have full services here so I plan to get some overdue work done on the website (promise it will be up someday sooner than later) and then relax with a nice book. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, you’ll know I am laid back in my lounger right here!

Excellent Campground with hookups and fantastic views!



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