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Underground Pendleton, Oregon! A Main Street above and below ground!


***One of the few NON pet friendly adventures but still so cool, it’s worth mentioning!
Went underground today! So, Pendleton, has an old, rich 18th & 19th century history and one of them being that they have 2 downtowns…one on the street and one below the street! Due to extreme climates and later prohibition plus Chinese immigration the downtown, below ground is an historic phenomenon!

Underground Pendleton and Brothel,  Oregon photo

This is Stella Darby who was the madam of the Cosy Rooms bordello from 1928-1967! Behind her is the entrance and don’t miss the lady in the window! Apparently, the ladies upstairs used to throw buttons down at the passing gentlemen to entice a visit! This bordello hosted many of the Pendleton officials and hence, it’s longevity. The front door was for new visitors and the back door for those regulars that knew their way around the underground!

The Cosy Rooms Brothel, Underground Pendleton Oregon photo

The parlor!

The Cosy Rooms brothel, Underground Pendleton Oregon photo

One of the “ladies rooms”!

Underground Pendleton Oregon speakeasy photoUnderground we start at one of many speak-easy!

Pendleton, Oregon underground speakeasy photo

This lady at the bar watches closely as the men pay with pinches of gold flake from the local mine…it was weighed and regardless of the size of the pinch (which is directly related to the inebriation of the patron, always weighed the same according to the bar’s scale!). Apparently, the floor was left purposely muddy and after a long day of bartending, the bartender would wash and pan the tips from the mud in his boots!

Underground Pendleton Oregon laundry photo

Hip Song’s laundry! While the Chinese originally came to America for the gold rush and railroad work, many ended up on small towns working various jobs. Laundry was a popular trade. Most Chinese at the time were not welcome above ground so the underground was their kingdom!

Underground Pendleton Oregon ice cream parlor photoHere is an ice cream parlor, underground! Helps to keep the ice cream cool and allow for a variety of patrons to enjoy that perhaps would not be as welcome on the street…aka working ladies!

Underground Pendleton Oregon butcher photoEven a Butcher. Three German brothers had a very successful business…this butcher was actually state of the art and had the shop on the street to sell and the storage and actual butcher below ground.

Quite an interesting experience. Obviously, this was not a dog welcoming activity but a journey into another time, to be sure. It is surprisingly spacious underground but after 1.5 hours I was ready to resurface!!!



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