Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Oregon has a desert too! Pendleton’s Wild Horse Casino and RV park for an easy, fun filled stop!


Another crazy day of driving in the desert (still cannot believe it!) and we land here in Pendleton!

Wild Horse Casino and RV park photo

A slightly different adventure for us as we are camping at the Wild Horse Casino and Resort! Here on the Confederate Tribes of Umatilla and Walla Walla Indian Reservation, they have just about everything you could want….a hotel, pool, spa, movie theater, several restaurants and of course, a casino!!

Wild Horse Casino and RV Park, Pendleton, Oregon, photoStill amazed at this incredible country side and huge skies! There we are…way down there. The RV park is walking distance to the hotel and casino but we ladies were just happy to explore the grounds for the moment!

Shane and I have a “date night” planned for tomorrow….after all, the casino and restaurants are right here! It ain’t Vegas but I have to say, they draw a pretty impressive crowd…the RV park and parking lots are stuffed which is surprising since Oregon and especially, Washington have as many casinos as Starbucks!

Wild Horse Casino and RV Park, Tee pee, photoThe resort has a heritage museum on site as well. These Tee-Pee’s are for Ronald….wink, wink!

WIld Horse Casino and RV Park, Pear's take, Pendleton photoBeautiful Pearl and Beautiful Landscape!….she is doing really well…finally!

WIld Horse Casino and RV park flower photoRandom but pretty flowers!

Yellow headed blackbird photo, Pendleton This guy let us get a close up! He is a yellow headed black bird and from all accounts pretty fearless!

Wild Horse Casino and RV park, dogs running, open space photo Nice open space to stretch our legs after some long driving…..the girls are ready to double down and bet it all on 28 black!



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