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Overnight Pit Stop in Yakima, Washington offers a Very Big Wish!

Hello from Yakima, Washington!

Driving over the mountains and through the national forests, all of the sudden…BAM! Desert!
So crazy! It’s like a totally different place than anything we have seen so far in WA! Check in out!
Where are all the pine and spruce trees????

Yakima, Washington desert photo Arid, dry heat and prairie like atmosphere!!
Bald, scruffy mountains…. I wonder if the folks from Yakima voted against being called the Evergreen State??
The guy from the RV store (needed light bulbs…harder to find than you’d think) told be this is real desert. Lots of agriculture here too…mainly apples, asparagus, and cherries (they are yellow and red here). Not too much snow but cold is minus 5 to 30 degrees on average in the winter and 70-80 dry humidity the rest of the year!


Yakima, Washington, big wish photo

Ok, these are just nuts….make a super-sized wish!!! These babies are huge. Just how huge, you ask…

Yakima, Washington-Make a very big wish, photo

This freaking HUGE!!!

Big Wish photo, Yakima

Tall too….easy 3ft tall!

Yakima, Washington River photo

Yakima River!!! Quite a current but clear and cold!
Just a quick stop over here…need to make some time to Idaho so traveling tomorrow…..



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