Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

The Ferry to Bainbridge Island! Seattle’s incredible ferry system!

Hello Everyone!

Washington State is famous for its ferry system and as of June 1st it is 65 years old! It is considered part of the state highway system and has 20 terminals and 10 routes servicing all over Puget Sound! With 22 vessels, it is the largest ferry system in the US (4th in the world)!
The largest ferries, like the Tacoma, which took us to Bainbridge Island, can carry 2500 people and 205 vehicles including tractor trailers!!!

Seattle Pier 52, Ferry to Bainbridge Island, photoEmbarking from the waterfront at Pier 52. Nice area, lots of construction underway too…they are making a real effort to make the waterfront harbors a “go to” destination! Shops, restaurants and lots of seafood!!!

Seattle Coastal Waterfront, Ferry to Bainbridge photoJust as we pull away you get a beautiful view of downtown Seattle (and the Great Wheel which I feel finds its way into every photo I take!).

Ferry to Bainbridge Island from Seattle, photoWe are heading out to Bainbridge Island via state road 302! Yes the Ferries are DOG FRIENDLY! We had lots of dog friends on board!

Seattle Skyline from Ferry to Bainbridge photo“Wish You Were Here” post card skyline shot from the back of the ferry!

Mt. Baker from Seattle Ferry to Bainbridge photoA surprise appearance by Mt. Baker to the north of Seattle (and quite close to Canada)!
At 10, 781 ft, he is the 2nd most active volcano next to Helen and holds the claim as one of the snowiest places in the world…holding the world record of 1, 140 inches in a single year!!!

Mt Rainier from Bainbridge Island ferry photoEntering Bainbridge Island…..the Olympics and the quaint little harbor and just lovely!

Bainbridge Island arrival photoBainbridge Island (population roughly 23k). This is Eagle Harbor.

Seattle Bainbridge Island Ferry stone statues photoI love this little guy! They have a whole little garden filled with these rock people! Fun! We took a nice stroll, grabbed some yummy sandwiches and heading back the way we came. No traffic on SR302! A tranquil ending to our visit to Seattle!
Travel day tomorrow as we head to our last stop in Washington…..say tuned!


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