Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Dog Day Afternoon! A tour of the Seattle area dog parks! Best way to wait for a flight!


So, we ladies, in anticipation of Shane’s return, decided to hit up all the off leash dog parks we could find on the way to the airport. I have to say, Washington has the best ones, hands down!

**forgive the bizarre purple haze on today’s photos. My new cleaning kit came with 3 lens filters, I thought I would try one built for bright sunny days like today. It was suppose to enhance color but instead we are seeing the world through rose colored glasses…it’s a little weird. Ya’ get what you pay for…lesson learned.

Mt Rainier from Marymoor Park Seattle area dog park photoAnyway, first stop is Marymoor park! King county’s oldest and largest park at 640 acres! Another Olmsted Landscape design and it is just beautiful!

Dog Friendly, off leash Marymoor Park Seattle photoThe purple reminds me of the photos we used to get back from the 1970’s pharmacy photo center (hello Fay’s drugs)! But the girls had a ball on the wonderful trails! The park also holds pretty impressive concerts here (this park is huge!)….the Lumineers are playing this weekend!

Off Leash Marymoor park, Seattle, Sammamish River photoThe Sammamish River runs along the back of the park and there are 5 swimming holes for dogs! Only two problems, they are very steep and very deep. If your dogs doesn’t swim or run into the water from a running start, then it’s kind of a tease. Pearl was not thrilled with this idea so swimming was kind of a bust for these land-loving ladies!

Marymoor Park dog off leash photoThat’s ok, 640+ acres offers plenty of exploring opportunities….

Gracie Mae dog hiding at Marymoor Park, Seattle photoWhere’s Gracie???? The Ladies, LOVE the tall grass so this place was like heaven!

Grandview park, Seattle dog off leash area with a view photoPark #2 was Grandview Park….well named to be sure. Majestic Mt. Rainier!!! Highest point in Washington at just below 15,000ft! Amazing all the snow…it was a 88 here today, quite a contrast!

Grandview Park, Seattle off leash dog area photoStar crossed lovers….Gracie and Stavros had a ball running in the gigantic open spaces in this park too!

Grandview off leash dog park, Seattle with view of Mt Rainier photoA good summation of the day….off leash and loving it!!!!

**we did actually go to one more park but compared to the spoils found at these two parks, it just wasn’t worth the mention….needless to say, Shane is back, safe and sound after a whirlwind trip to NYC and we ladies walked and played so much that no one in this house will be “sleepless in Seattle” tonight!!!



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