Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Seattle’s Pikes Place Market love dogs! Magnuson Park @ Sandy Point helps them cool off after a day of shopping!

I have wanted to go to Pikes Place Market for a very long time and honestly, it did not disappoint even one fraction!!! A huge tourist attraction (the #1 in Seattle and #33 in the country) I was worried it would be filled with cheap, nasty curios but low and behold, I was thrilled to see that it remains true to its legacy!!!!
Believe it or not, it is dog friendly but the girls were almost the only dogs around. They were very well received and people and vendors were fawning all over them! Pearl was in heaven (she does love to shop, you know!)

Pikes Place Market, Seattle, dog friendly photoEstablished in 1907, Pikes Place is the original farmers market and is the oldest, continuously operating public farmers market in the US.

Pikes Place market, flower stand photoThe market is many floors and is mostly separated by seafood/meats, flowers, crafts, antiques, stores and restaurant. Each generally has an area but the Main Street level has a little bit of everything!

Pikes Place Market seafood photoSeafood in Seattle, of course….I didn’t get to see anyone throwing the big fish around (not sure if they still actually do that or not) but the selection and presentation is impressive none the less!!
Plus I love the neon signs everywhere!!! Charming!

Pikes Place Market produce photoThe produce is incredible and reasonably priced (take that NYC stuck up Union Square farmers market!) Local and lovely!!!

Original Starbucks photo

Obligatory photo of the original Starbucks circa 1971! The place still draws a huge crowd and while I am a fan of their coffee, I find the coffee in the little huts around town to be much better, believe it or not!!!

Pikes Place Market Park with waterfront view photoGreat view of the beginning of the market street. This great little park was filled with all sorts of folk enjoying the day and the tasty delights just down the street!
I forgot to mention that Seattle has steep hills like San Francisco! We hiked up and down one of them yesterday but today’s drive to the market was like a roller coaster!! Very, very steep!!!

Seattle's Magnuson Park off leash dog swimming photo The girls were so good at the market, I promised them some quality dog time. We stuffed ourselves on crabmeat (fantastic!!!!) and headed to Magnuson Park @ Sandy Point. This was the girls’ version of Pikes Place….Swimming in Lake Washington draws quite a crowd! (the lake is on the east side of Seattle while the Puget sound is the water on the west side)

Magnuson Park at Sandy Point off leash dog park with swimming photo in Seattle
After a crowded and hot trip to the market, Pearl and Gracie are thrilled by this 9 acre off leash dog area with trails, open spaces and swimming!!! (We did meet another Pearl today. A white standard poodle. Not nearly as beautiful or sweet as our Pearl, but then again no dog is!)


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