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Welcome to Seattle, The Emerald City! A tour of the obvious attractions!

Hello Everyone!
Well, well, well, where to begin! What a great city! Did you know Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest? Population in the 600,000 in the city proper and 3.7 million in the surrounding area! (Ok, so that is just Brooklyn in NYC standards but impressive none the less!). We are about 100 miles from Canada and Seattle hosts the 3rd largest port in North America (gateway to Asia).
Of course we know about Microsoft and Amazon hailing from this city as well as an amazing music scene the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and the birth place of Jimi Hendrix (just to name a few)! Plus a huge Jazz jump off for the likes of Ray Charles and Quincy Jones!

LOTS to see and do so let’s start here….

Seattle Space Needle photoThe infamous Space Needle a la the Worlds Fair 1962 and Seattle’s landmark calling card. An observation deck at the top (had Larry and Moe (the dogs) with me so will have to wait for Shane’s return to go up), she is 605 ft tall!! She is tough too….she can handle 200 mph winds and an 9.1 level earthquake!
The building shown to the left is the EMP (formally the sci-if museum and now the Experience Music Project Museum), Joe Allen, co-founder of Microsoft likes sci-if and tv pop culture, and this museum is basically the showcase for all his toys! It houses iconic items like Star Trek phasers, the Capitan’s Chair from the Enterprise, Sea Pod from Body Snatchers, the robot from Lost in Space, the metal skull from Terminator and even Darth Vader’s helmet! What!!! The girls will have to stay home for a day, no way I can miss this!!! Yes, I am totally geeking out!

View of Mt Rainier from downtown Seattle, photoMount Rainier!!!! We got a pretty good look at her on the the way in especially near Tacoma but at 14,000+ ft, you can see her pretty well from the downtown Seattle area too!

Olympic Scultpture park, Seattle photoWe ladies took a long stroll down to the waterfront from downtown. Here we are at the top of the Olympic Sculpture Garden looking down and Myrtle Edwards Beach Park. A nice break from the tourism surrounding the Seattle Center/Space Needle area.

Seattle Downtown, Great Wheel photoFrom the sculpture park, part of the art museum, you can see the seaport area (another days journey) including the Great (ferris) Wheel!

Seattle Plympic Sculpture Garden view photoFrom the sculpture park you can also over look the sound and see the Olympic and Cascade Mountains!!! What an amazing outdoor space and on a perfect day like today everyone was out and taking advantage of the sunshine and long, clear views.

Chulily Glass Garden, Seattle photoAlso inside the city’s enter is Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit! Incredible, huge glass sculptures can been seen towering over the center. Magnificent!

Seattle Space Needle, photo

Hard not to take this photo….

Seattle Skyline from I5 photo

Traffic affords a quick photo opportunity while driving (crawling) on the I5 toward downtown….you can get a sense of the city and surrounding area….so cool!

I have to say I was really impressed with my first day here.. I spoke to our neighbor who quickly told me that “yes, it is a great place but 6 months of grey, cold and rain will make you want to slit your wrists! (Incidentally he spends his winters in Palm Springs now)…. 😬😟
So much more to see and do. I hope the girls can keep up!


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