Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Everyone loves Kites and Dogs at Pacific Beach, Washington!


When we woke up, the sky was blue and the sun was up! Too nice a day to leave and wanted to have our last coastal experience (for a while) to end on a high note, so we just stayed. The perks of RV life!

Camper and windsocks Pacific Beach Campground, Washington photoUp the coast to Pacific Beach/Seabrook area and we find a fantastic town and RV park. Seems everyone was celebrating the holiday weekend and the beautiful weather. Kites and wind socks are everywhere!!! So fun!

Kites at Pacific Beach, Washington phootoLook at that sky! While Pacific Beach and surrounding community have been around quite a while, the town of Seabrook is a nubie circa 2004. No photos (towns just don’t photo that well)…it is a new sea town and housing that look like they have been here for a long time! We really liked this area!

Gracie found a friend to chase kites with photoThe clown dog! Gracie discovers kites today. She was hilarious and the guy flying was the perfect participant! He really knew how to dip and flutter the kite so he could tease her! A good time for all….

pacific Beach off leash dogs Washington state photoPearl is doing ok and we have our fingers crossed….here you can see how she feels about me trying to take her photo all the time…look closely!

Pacific Beach, Washington, photoWe could live right there…no problem! Northbound view.

Dogs chasing birds @ Pacific Beach Washington photoBirds too!!!! Gracie and Pearl love to chase them!!!

Shadow selfie photoPearl and I just hanging out…shadow selfie!

Tomorrow, 160 miles to Seattle!!! Stay tuned!

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