Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Oregon Coast-INCREDIBLE! Cannon Beach and Ecola State Park are Not to be Missed by Dogs or People!

Headed south on 101 about 15 miles and found two beautiful places.
Here we are at Cannon Beach, famous for this Haystack Rock!

Cannon Beach, Oregon photo

Haystack Rock is a looming force at 235ft! It is low tied now, so you can walk right out to her. From this distance, you can see someone getting married (white table and the truck for provisions). This big rock is home to Puffins!!! I was sad not to see any still it was a fantastic sight! This monolith was formed about 15-16 million years ago from lava flows in the Columbia area basin!!!! Plenty of off leash beach action in town too!

Cannon Beach, Oregon photo

This beach and its popular rock are found in many movies like Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, 1941, and Sometimes a Great Notion! Took a stroll into town…adorable town with galleries, shops and restaurants. honestly, quite a bit nicer (ok, upscale) than its sister sea-towns of Seaside and Astoria!

Ecola State Park, Oregon photo

Just up the road, we arrive at the fabulous Ecola State Park! A feel good story with an incredible view! These lands were donated by private families so the world could have this astonishing viewing pleasure!!!
It is also the point where Cpt. William Clark (L&C), with first view of the Pacific, declared “grandest and most pleasing prospect” he had ever seen!!!!

Ecola State Park, Oregon photo

This photo is taken from the highest point in the park and is part of the Oregon Crest Trail! Constant restoration and upkeep is needed for this park as it has been subject to many landslides forcing park closures and land loss! You can walk to Cannon Beach from here as part of the Tillamook Head Trail and follow in the footsteps of Clark in the winter of 1806!

Terrible Tilly LIghthouse, Ecola State Park, Oregon photo

Tillamook Lighthouse aka “terrible tilly”. Officially lit in 1881, it was the most expensive lighthouse in the western coastal area. Out of business in 1957, it was abandoned for 20 years until it became a “resting place for the dead’ for the Eternity at Sea Columbarium. (Over 30 urns were placed here but then relocated again in 2005)
Her Nickname is more a point of dangerous and treacherous weather conditions rather than haunting a but yes, many claim she is still haunted by lost soles and 2 missing urns!

Tilly Lighthouse Ecola State park, Oregon photo

Tilly is a bit less menacing from this angle and she is off limits! The local seabirds have taken possession and while only reachable by helicopter, the owners say “no visitors”.

Ecola State park off leash beach photo

Ecola beach….fantastic! More Off-leash beauty for all to enjoy!

Ecola State Park, Oregon photo

We agree, that the private home owners were extraordinary lucky to have this view!!! The girls, on the other hand, think the beach front was a much better idea and the area lacks in the the bounty of squirrels of Ft Stevens!



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