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Not all Trees are the Same! Famous Trees, Citizen Trees, Big and Small, a Tree for All!

Trees, Trees and more very large Trees! Today we hit up of the more famous sites. Yes, these spots have older and bigger trees but there are sooo many big, old trees it’s hard to keep track.

Drive Thur Redwood Tree Humbolt County California photo

This is the infamous “Drive Thru Tree”. We thought walking was a better option but yes, you can drive through this naturally hallowed tree. This tree is 3000 years old and is 375 ft tall. With a 64 ft circumference and 211 ft diameter, she is something to see! (Or drive thru!)

Redwood Tree History photo

The age of a tree is determined by its rings. This sign tells you all you need to know and it is amazing!!!!!

Avenue of the Giants photo

This is driving on “the Avenue of the Giants”…..A 15-20 mile stretch through the Redwood Forest!

Founders Cover, Redwood Forest, photo

Founder’s Grove established to honor the Save the Redwood League formed in 1917. The first grove purchased in 1921-the Redwoods State Park! Over 90 years the league has protected 170,000 acres!

Redwood Tree photo

Big, Big, Big!!! A very large redwood can release up to 500 gallons of water a day! The Dyerville Giant, (not this picture) was 1600 years old and 300 ft tall, when it fell it was the oldest and tallest tree in this grove. No one was present to see it fall BUT a sound like a train wreck was heard over a mile away and it splattered mud 15 feet up the trunk of another tree over 50 feet away.
So, I guess if a tree does fall in the woods and no one is around to see it….this answers the question….yes, it does make a noise!

Redwood Tree HUGE with dog photo

Pearl helps to scale the massive size of this trunk!!!

Trees! Redwood forest photo

Lush and Beautiful!!!!


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