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Three Girls and a Tasting Room! Mutt Lynch Winery loves Dogs and We love Mutt Lynch! Healdsburg, Sonoma, California


Mutt Lynch Vineyards has a tasting room in the adorable town of Healdsburg, here in the Sonoma Valley. While originally, we thought we were going to an actual winery, we ended up here and were pleasantly surprised!

Mutt Lynch’s Winery’s motto “Apply dog logic to life: Eat Well, Be Loved, Get Pet, Sleep A lot, and Dream of a Leash Free World”. I kid you not, it’s a direct quote. Further, the opening paragraph of their website claims “Welcome to a wonderful world where wine and “all things dog” collide! How would we not go here!!!! By the time we were done, we could have just moved in as you will clearly see below.

Mutt Lynchh Winery tasting room photo

We already feel at home….

Your not drinking alone if the dog is home tee photo

Hello????….how many colors does this come in????

Mutt Lynch photo

Yes please, Christine, we will have another taste of this delicious wine!!!! I’m a proud mother of 2 girls dogs that are as enthusiastic about wine as I am…😍😍😍😍😍

Mutt Lynch dog friendly photo

Will work for treats and wine for Mom.

Mutt Lynch Tasting room dog friendly photo

Seriously, we will.

Mutt Lynch tasting room phooDo we need a dog friendly Uber? We can just do this and no one even cares!!! What a great place…can we come back tomorrow?????


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